April 2021 - Newsletter

New standards for countering money laundering


New standards were implemented by the government to counter money laundering. Insurance companies must now make additional verifications to process a life insurance claim or to liquidate or transfer a bank account to a beneficiary.

Also, even if it may seem intrusive, the insurer may request a copy of the will if one is available. Be sure to explain this to your clients.

For more information, visit the Government of Canada website.

The excellent performance of La Capitale funds


(Review of an article published in the March 2021 Investment Executive)

According to a March 2021 article in Investment Executive, La Capitale's funds delivered strong results. In fact, since the La Capitale AGF Global Sustainable Growth Equity Fund and the La Capitale Fiera Global Equity Fund both ranked in the top quartile, they helped La Capitale attain a 4th-place ranking.

Michael Rogers, Vice-President of Brokerage Distribution Networks at Beneva, says La Capitale and SSQ funds are normally fully invested, given their long-term horizon. Thus, this mandate limits the amount of cash available. However, last March some portfolio managers had enough flexibility to buy good stocks at lower prices.


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