La Capitale presents

Jim Ruta

Benefit from the advice of one of Canada’s leading strategic trainers in the life insurance industry.

About Jim Ruta

Every Wednesday, Jim Ruta will share his expertise with you by hosting a series of eight webinars.
(Available in English only)


Essential Planning Pyramid™

The simple, new, financial security and independence process that works in any marketplace, any age group, and any occupation. Also how to use the “Cash Value Insurance Complexity Matrix” to help clients select the right product for them.

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Life insurance Power Phrases that will make you an ICON

Here are some of the timeless one-liners that will make you more persuasive and more effective in helping your prospects and clients get the life insurance and related products they want.

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Post Pandemic Prospecting

Using effective email, Courtesy Calling, Using LinkedIn and Facebook to prospect, Creating simple and free Prospecting Videos for YouTube to attract new clients.

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Call the People
The 3 keys to successful selling life insurance anytime but especially now. What you need to know to make this business simpler – a necessity, especially today.

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Good Will Funding
How to Change the Nature of Life Insurance Selling Immediately and help more people who wouldn’t buy it otherwise.

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How to be a Virtual Advisor
Preparing advisors to have the Virtual Business Option available now and always including The Virtual Selling Mindset; Setting up a Virtual Advisor Studio and; The 8 Steps to Being an Effective Virtual Advisor.

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