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the partnership between
La Capitale and Communauto


Exclusively for new Communauto members

An exclusive $40 discount on a new
subscription if you’re insured with La Capitale1

Already a Communauto member? 
Add up the benefits - and the savings thanks to ​La Capitale!


Average savings of $425

when you bundle your home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance2

Benefits that make all the difference

Water damage protection

Choose from among the best water damage protection in the industry and tailor it to your specific needs.

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Bike coverage

Protect your bikes for free, regardless of their value, when you insure your home with us.

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Legal Access Insurance

Get support when faced with legal issues for just over $1 a week.

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THANKS Loyalty Program

As soon as you become a client, benefit from privileges that add up over the years!

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Other promotions and discounts


Green rebate

Save 15% on auto insurance for electric or hybrid vehicles

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Twenty-Something promotion

Are you between 20 and 30 years old?
Get full roadside assistance for only $2 per month if you insure your car with La Capitale!

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Public service discounts

Clients from the public service save an average of $450 by bundling their insurance with La Capitale2

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Did you know?

Moving soon? 
Keep your current insurance in force so that your property is covered during the move. 

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Although the use of hands-free devices is tolerated, it is just as dangerous as holding your cell phone in your hand while driving.

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Right turns at red lights are a privilege, not an obligation! 

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La Capitale General Insurance, damage insurance agency. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the La Capitale insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. | 1. Exclusive to La Capitale home, auto or leisure vehicle insureds, who are not already Communauto subscribers. | 2. Source: June 2017 SOM survey of La Capitale clients who bundled at least two products among home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance. $425 average savings calculated using the declared amounts of 142 respondents who benefited from a savings. $450 average savings calculated using the declared amounts of 96 respondents who work for or are retired from public service and benefited from a savings. These amounts are for information purposes only and do not guarantee savings.