2019 Annual report

2019 Annual report

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In 1940, La Capitale was founded in Quebec City by provincial public employees who wanted to provide financial security to their families. Today our Mutual has grown more than 358,387 members and has hundreds of thousands of clients across Canada. In spite of its growth, La Capitale has remained true to its values of mutual aid and solidarity.

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A word from our president

2019 will go down as a year marked by transformation at La Capitale. The company
introduced an ambitious transformation plan in order to position itself among the
leading insurance and financial services companies in Canada, by shifting toward a
culture that places more emphasis on performance. The initiatives that we
implemented allowed the company to post tremendous results at every level: growth,
profitability, innovation and client experience. In addition to the transformation, an
important milestone in 2019 for La Capitale was welcoming nearly 60,000 new
mutual members when it amalgamated with LEDOR Assurances. La Capitale was
thereby able to increase its physical presence in areas served by LEDOR in addition
to protecting the jobs and acquired expertise of this mutual.


Honors and distinctions

La Capitale received several honours and was also very involved in the sponsorship of events likely to boost its brand awareness.

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Our company at a glance

Guided by the values of mutualism on which it was founded, La Capitale works with clients to build, protect and value what they feel counts for their financial security.

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2019 Key Facts and Figures

Discover our highlights of the year 2019. (PDF -  4 pages)


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