La Capitale Foundation

La Capitale contributes to breaking feelings of isolation in seniors by supporting the “Le moment de votre lettre” (Time for your letter) initiative

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A total of $100,000 in prizes

Betterment of the community: at the heart of our mission!

We support various types of projects. The Foundation mainly focuses its actions on projects in the four categories below.

Our Pillars




Intellectual disability


Vulnerable seniors


Recognizing and valuing the role of Quebec public service employees

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Concrete actions

  • ITSA

  • Little Brothers

  • Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21

  • McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation

Intégration TSA (ITSA)

ITSA is a Quebec non-profit organization that offers an adapted living environment to those age 21 or more who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), in order to boost their chances at securing employment while increasing their general independence and social participation.

Little Brothers

Little Brothers can rely on the La Capitale Foundation’s support to help achieve its mission. Now that it has a multi-year agreement, Little Brothers can take advantage of its partnership with La Capitale in the service of a common cause that is dear to the hearts of both organizations: helping vulnerable and isolated seniors. The La Capitale Foundation is contributing to the ambitious project of raising six million dollars over five years to improve the living conditions of the elderly, who often find themselves separated from the active world and struggling with precarious finances.

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Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21

The mission of Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 (RT21) is to foster the full development of people with trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), promote their contribution to society and defend their rights. RT21 provides information, services, activities and support to parents and loved ones to people with trisomy 21.

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation

To recognize and reward MUHC staff, La Capitale has partnered with the Hospital Hero program. This annual campaign enables patients and their families to give a boost to exceptional staff, physicians and volunteers by making a donation in their honour to the MUHC Foundation.

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About the Foundation

  • OUR B. of D.





Jean St-Gelais
Chairman of the Board
President of the Integration Steering Committee
La Capitale/SSQ

Mélissa Gilbert
Executive Vice-President and Lead Finance
La Capitale/SSQ

Jacques Cotton

Jacques Cotton
Member of the Board of directors
La Capitale/SSQ

Hélène Giguère

Hélène Giguère
Employee representative
Director of general expenses and accounts payable
La Capitale/SSQ


Christian Fournier
Executive Vice-President and Lead Property and Casualty Insurance
La Capitale/SSQ


Julie Noël de Tilly
Director – Corporate Secretariat
La Capitale/SSQ


François Turenne
Mutual Member
La Capitale


Pierre Marc Bellavance
Executive Vice-President and Lead Legal Affairs, Compliance and Corporate Secretariat
La Capitale/SSQ


Valérie Beaudoin
Director – Sponsorships, Philanthropy and Mutualism


Alexandra Lamontagne
Communications Advisor


Kareen Mercier
Communications Advisor


Annie Roy
Communications Technician

Given the key social and economic role La Capitale plays, we are proud to contribute to the progress and well-being of the whole community through the La Capitale Foundation, formed a few years ago.

The Foundation's primary objective is to provide assistance to various organizations, recognize the work of public service employees and further the promotion and development of mutualism. The Foundation provides support mainly for efforts to improve the quality of life for vulnerable seniors and those with an autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability. Since it was formed, the Foundation has invested more than eight million dollars into the community, thereby contributing to the well-being of thousands of people in need.

The La Capitale Foundation is solely responsible for examining all requests for support that it receives, in order to determine whether or not they meet the eligibility criteria established by the Foundation and are in line with the Donations Policy.

To know more about our Financial support Policy, please click on the following link.

Our Policy

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