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2018 Corporate social responsibility

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As a mutual that is solidly anchored in values of mutual aid, sharing and solidarity, La Capitale has strengthened its commitment towards sustainable development. La Capitale’s processes and the working environment of its employees reflect this commitment toward doing what is necessary to ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. Read on to learn about La Capitale’s participation in this worldwide movement aimed at protecting the environment for the benefit of people and the community as a whole.

  • What is a mutual?

  • Mutualism: a modern and sustainable business model

A mutual is a collective enterprise in which the members (known as mutualists) join together to obtain insurance and coverage for certain unfortunate life events such as accident or illness.

  • Clients as the top priority: not shareholders
  • Well capitalized
  • Prudent planning and action: no hasty decisions
  • Worldwide presence
  • A powerful driver of economic and social development.

Our areas of activity




Measures that promote employee wellness and motivation in the workplace

La Capitale has put in place programs and measures aimed at establishing a fair and healthy workplace environment, where everyone can feel fulfilled and get the recognition they deserve.


“Avantage-toi” program

Our company promotes prevention services and actions that facilitate the health and safety of La Capitale staff. The over 30 topics touched on to date have to do with health in general, physical health, psychological health and other topics relating to wellness in the workplace.





Recognition programs

La Capitale uses three peer recognition programs to highlight the notable achievements of employees in each of its business areas.

Nominated: 217
Finalists: 66
Winners: 37

In 2018, nearly 400 people received a gift as a token of their 5 to 40 years of service.


VIVA workplace wellness program

VIVA is a workplace health and wellness program that uses concrete tools to encourage and promote the physical and psychological balance of La Capitale’s employees and those of the program’s corporate clients.

Number of activities: 149
Participating companies: 18
Recipient employees: 7,427
VIVA satisfaction level: 93 %

  • 78% of recipients have modified their lifestyle
  • VIVA has boosted satisfaction at work to 73% among recipients, employee morale by 65% and working atmosphere for 66% of recipients

To encourage the practice of physical activity, La Capitale has signed an agreement with the fitness centre located in its head office building to allow its staff members free shower and locker access.

Gender parity in management roles

In 2018, La Capitale maintained gender parity among its managers.

Managers: 239
Women: 118
Men: 121


Considering innovative ideas proposed by staff.


Ideas for improvement

To enhance the quality of our existing products, processes and technologies

444 ideas submitted


Dragons’ den challenge

This challenge consists of proposing a technology innovation idea for our insurance and financial services business.

8 ideas submitted

Social involvement of employees

La Capitale strongly encourages its employees to volunteer and take part in philanthropic activities.


“Pay it forward” challenge

42% of staff volunteered to assist members of their community


$208,625 was collected during the “Sharing really counts!” campaign, which was held to raise funds for United Way, Healthpartners- Quebec and the Red Cross.

Giving back  - over 200 organizations supported

La Capitale has positioned itself as a responsible socio-economic player by actively improving the well-being of individuals and the community as a whole, through the initiatives of the La Capitale Foundation.

Over 200 organizations supported, mainly in the La Capitale Foundation’s three niche areas: autism, intellectual disability and vulnerable seniors..

Philanthropic activities

The La Capitale Foundation supported or participated in nearly 100 charitable events.


Shinebeyond prizes

Total sum donated to four organizations to allow each of them to carry out a project related to one of the La Capitale Foundation’s three causes and for an intergenerational project.


A sweet treat for a good cause

Over $3,000

Production and sale of 432 jars (36.7 kg) of honey from hives installed on the green roof of La Capitale’s head office building in Quebec City. The proceeds of the sale were donated to Little Brothers, a group that provides assistance to seniors living alone.


Fill the beetle challenge

Our employees contributed to filling five cars with 1,920 kg of non-perishable food items for the Mississauga Food Bank.

Valuing the role of quebec public service employees

Founded nearly 80 years ago by public service employees, La Capitale maintains close ties with its original client base. La Capitale’s valuing and recognition of the work done by Quebec public service employees led to the creation of the La Capitale Public Service Personality Recognition Award.

In 2018, at the third annual awards presentation, five Quebec public service employees received an award highlighting their exceptional work. In addition, two special prizes were presented to CEGEP representatives at the festivities marking the 50th anniversary of the creation of the network of college-level institutions of learning in Quebec.



2018 recipients:

Geneviève Despars
Network of 48 public colleges
across Quebec

André Primeau
Public education network

Mélanie Duclos
Ministry, public or parapublic
agency or crown corporation

Sylvain Mandeville
Network of 48 public colleges
across Quebec

Lise Poirier
Public health and social
services network

Katryne Delisle
Municipal sector

Mélanie Bédard
Municipal sector

La Capitale’s 4 LEED®-certified buildings and 1 boma bestcertified building

In Quebec

Our head office
625 Jacques-Parizeau St, Quebec City
LEED®-NC Gold certification | Platinum level BOMA BEST certification

Abundant natural light | Recycling and composting | Very high energy performance | Active transportation incentive | Parking for electric vehicles | 60% green and 40% white roof

In Ontario

7150 Derrycrest Drive building
7150 Derrycrest Drive, Mississauga
LEED®-CS Gold certification

Recycling | Efficient management of water | Superior energy and air quality performance | Active transportation incentive

Delta 3 building
2875 Laurier Blvd, Quebec City
LEED®-CS Gold certification

First LEED®-CS Gold certified commercial and office building in Quebec City | Superior energy performance | Natural light

425 de maisonneuve building
425 de maisonneuve blvd, Montreal
LEED®-BE silver certification

Recycling and composting | Efficient management of water | Very high energy performance

Building characteristics

Energy performance – Gas and electricity (425 De Maisonneuve and the head office building)
Nearly 60% savings in energy consumption in relation to a comparable non-LEED reference building

Water management performance (425 De Maisonneuve and the head office building)
Nearly 70% savings in water consumption in relation to a comparable non-LEED reference building

Air quality
All of La Capitale’s buildings are subject to strict air quality control standards, and building management staff members receive training on maintaining air quality.

Premium reduction on home insurance for owners, co-owners and tenants of LEED-certified buildings
33 clients have benefited from this program

Sustainable transportation

La Capitale promotes the use of public transit and active transportation. In this regard, it offers incentives to encourage its employees to use such forms of transportation and insurance premium reductions to its clients who use green vehicles.

For staff

Abonne BUS Travailleur
Offered on the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River in the Quebec City region
5% of staff participate in the program

44 parking spaces are reserved for ridesharing drivers. They are all in use.

Electric vehicles
5 parking spaces with charging stations (head office)

Active transportation
66 indoor bike racks (head office)

For clients

Home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance premium reduction for Communauto members

1,083 clients have benefited from this program

$40 reduction offered to our property and casualty insurance clients on a new Communauto subscription.

Electric vehicles
Premium reduction on auto insurance for an electric or hybrid vehicle

3,613 clients benefited from the program in 2018

Active transportation
38 outdoor bike racks (head office)


Responsible investments (PRI)

La Capitale promotes responsible investment for its investment assets. It is a signatory of the Institutional Investors Release Declaration on Financial Risks Related to Climate Change (2017), which recommends that publicly traded companies in Canada disclose more information on their exposure to climate change risks.

  • $5,838M in investment assets, 46% of which are managed by external managers, which are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
  • $103.4M consists of private investments, which finance renewable energies and social infrastructures.

Media contact

Jean-Pascal Lavoie
Press Relations and Public Affairs Advisor

418 747-8053