Meet the Taylor-Ogusto family

La Capitale presents the Taylor-Ogusto family in an innovative and entertaining Web series. Follow the family's adventures in the different episodes and get some prevention tips.

True to its values of mutual aid and solidarity, La Capitale wants to play an active role in the community to promote the well-being of individuals. In each episode, a prevention tip is presented with a touch of humour: fire, water safety, driving lessons, Web security, etc.

All the episodes are available on La Capitale's YouTube channel.

Achievements of the Series

Award of excellence in the Integrated Campaigns promotion category
(Insurance & Financial Communicators Association – 2011)

Agreement with the Quebec Ministère de la Sécurité publique
Promotion of the importance of having a fire evacuation plan (distribution in schools, roadside billboards)

Agreement with the Quebec Lifesaving Society
Promotion of water safety in public pools in Quebec

Meet the Taylor-Ogusto family! 


The mother, Ann Ogusto

Ann is a renowned pastry chef. She often travels to conferences and high-level pastry competitions. She is a dreamer who constantly has culinary and career projects on the go. She has two phobias: Flying and gaining weight. That's why she prefers to test out pastry creations on her kids, who always ask for seconds.

The father, Charles Taylor

Charles is a public sector worker in the Communication and Media office. He's a bit of a motor mouth and has strong opinions but can also feel insecure. A perfectionist, he checks that everything is in order at least three times before acting and even then he isn't always satisfied.

Grampa Taylor

Grampa, Charles' father, is a retired colonel. He supposedly fought in the war. Which one? Nobody knows. One thing is for sure though: The advice he dishes out in the form of military metaphors always make Aileen laugh. He counts his military pension down to the cent and makes only safe investments. He likes golf, but only on TV: "I won't play until my swing is perfect!"

Granny Annette

Granny Annette is very active. She does brisk walking, water aerobics, the stairmaster and she belongs to a gym. She's always on the move! She loves to play golf and is trying to convince Paul to join her. She maintains a healthy diet, travels twice a year and knows a ton about the stock market.


Aileen Taylor-Ogusto

Aileen, who's the daughter of Charles and Ann, has a wild imagination. Anything happening around her quickly becomes a magical experience. She loves dressing up and having exciting adventures. She's not afraid of anything, except bugs. Oh, and she thinks that Jon is only a half-brother because he's half robot!


Jon is Charles' son and is fanatical about electronic gadgets. He's constantly on his iPhone, computer and PlayStation and has only one wish in life: To study computer engineering at university. He put a sign saying "Keep Out, Zombies and Aliens!" on the basement door to irritate his half-sister, Aileen.

Oscar the goldfish

Oscar belongs to Aileen. It is a very cultured, highly educated fish with a philosophical bent. That is what Aileen would have people believe. In fact, no one else has seen it do anything but blow little air bubbles.


Sparky is Aileen's dog. At least, that's what Aileen likes to think. This dog is a ray of sunshine for the family; at least when it is not wreaking havoc. One second it has to be coaxed to do anything, while the next it is a whirlwind of activity often leading to catastrophe. Then it gazes at its masters with its adorable eyes and all is forgiven.

All the episodes are available on La Capitale's YouTube channel.