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Good news: La Capitale is becoming Beneva!

In 2022, La Capitale will transition to Beneva. We’ll have a new name with a friendly, dynamic logo that reflects who we are: People looking out for people.

You don’t need to take any action! Your current contract won’t change, you’ll continue to benefit from the same coverage and our people will still be there for you.

Beneva has over 5,000 people who are committed to providing you with a customer experience that is personalized, friendly, attentive and, above all, caring.

We answer your questions

I hold La Capitale products and services, will this announcement change anything for me?

You don’t need to take any action, you’re still covered. There is no impact on your current contract, all La Capitale contracts will be honoured.

Do I continue communicating with you in the same way?

You continue to communicate the same way as before. By telephone or email, we’re always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

La Capitale will become Beneva in 2022. What is the plan for SSQ?

Combining the two companies requires a lot of work before we are fully integrated. To continue providing unparallelled customer service, we are migrating one company at a time. We are planning for SSQ Insurance to become Beneva in 2023.

Will we still see references to La Capitale in 2022?

The full transition toward Beneva will take some time. La Capitale’s visual references will disappear gradually. Rest assured that your products and services, even if they transition to the Beneva name, will be the same.

Will Beneva still be a local company?

Of course. Beneva is the result of two local companies with mutualist roots coming together, whose purpose has always been to protect people. And after more than 75 years of bringing comfort to communities as La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, we think the time is right to join forces and bring a new voice to the industry, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Will the digital platforms (Client Centre, website, apps) remain accessible?

Of course. We will redesign them, but as always, you will find all your information and have the same access.

Property & Casualty

Will I see changes in my policy number, insurance certificate or premiums? Will my current benefits remain in force?

All current contracts remain fully valid. No changes will be applied to your policies.

Will the service quality, policies or my interactions with the company change?

No, because the same teams will be there to ensure you get the same quality of service.

Can SSQ Insurance process my La Capitale file or offer the same quote conditions?

No, the two companies’ insurance activities remain separate for now. The union starts by developing a common brand identity which will be followed by the integration of our products and systems, allowing our agents to be properly equipped to process all insurance files.

Do I continue making payments to La Capitale General Insurance?

Yes. You continue as before, using the 15-figure reference number for La Capitale General Insurance. La Capitale Civil Service Insurer remains the payee in your account for your insurance contract.

With this visual change, what will be the procedure for submitting a new indemnity request or processing a pending claim?

Our Claims department will continue to operate in the same exact manner. And if you have a pending claim, it will still have the same claim number and the people who guide you will remain the same as well. As usual, you can also communicate with our claims adjusters at 1 800 461-0770.

Group Insurance

I’m already a client, does it change anything for me?

You don’t need to take any action. Contracts, products and services that you hold remain the same.

What number do I call for customer service?

You can reach us at the same telephone numbers.

Do I have to change the way I submit claims due to this change?

The manner in which you submit a claim remains the same.

Will my service card be modified?

Visually, yes, in 2022. And as usual, you must present it only for a new service or if you change your pharmacist, dentist or healthcare professional.

Will I continue paying my premiums and receiving benefits in the same manner?

Yes, everything remains the same.

Life & Health Insurance

Will this change have an impact on my insurance contract and coverages?

There is no impact. La Capitale is still your insurer. No special action is required of you. Contracts are maintained, and the products and services you hold remain the same. The team that services you remains the same as well!

Do I continue communicating with you in the same way?

You continue to communicate the same way as before. We’re always here to answer your questions.

What happens if I hold one product with La Capitale and another with SSQ?

Nothing changes. All products issued by each company remain in force. /Or/ You don’t need to take any action. A La Capitale product remains a La Capitale product. An SSQ product remains an SSQ product.

Will changes be made to my payments?

No changes. Everything will remain the same as before, including for payments.

I currently receive benefits. Will I continue to receive them?

Rest assured that you will continue to receive your benefits because there are no changes to your insurance contract.


I currently hold savings and investments products, will the announcement change anything?

You don’t need to take any action, La Capitale will maintain the various products and services that you have.

If I want to make a change to my savings and investments product contracts, what do I do?

You do everything the same way as before. The procedure for modifying your contract remains the same and your financial security advisor will continue to guide you. The same teams will remain in place.

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The content of this FAQ is provided for information purposes only. In the event of a discrepancy, the clauses of your insurance contract prevail at all times.