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At La Capitale, we’re committed to establishing a solid RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST with our clients and to remaining responsive to all their needs. You have access to a team of highly qualified EXPERTS devoted to management of your group insurance plans.

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At La Capitale, the quality of our relations with our clients – whether they’re consultants, policyholders or insureds – is vital, because the essence of our activities is based on these relations.

For over 10 years, through the VIVA program, La Capitale has been developing a culture of prevention that guides all of its actions. La Capitale stands out from its competitors by taking concrete action to address risk factors and promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

La Capitale keeps pace with market realities and continuously enhances its product and service offering.

Group insurance plan

  • ACTION 2-50

  • BRIO

  • BRIO+

In line with its commitment to keeping pace with market realities. La Capitale is proud to offer small businesses with 2 to 50 employees a simple group insurance plan that's easy to administer.

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La Capitale’s group insurance plans for organizations with 51 employees or more can be customized to meet your needs and those of your staff members. Various cost control measures are proposed to ensure the plan’s longevity.

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Brio+ is available to very large organizations that have specific needs relating to requirements such as a collective agreement and which have specific clauses that must be reflected in the contract.


VIVA program

Concrete tools to encourage and promote the physical and psychological balance of employees. The VIVA approach consists of identifying the workplace risk factors that might be detrimental to employees’ health.

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The Group Administrator’s Centre, a useful tool!

As a market advisor, you can use it now to order various reports and get documents pertaining to a group: very practical!

For more information, download our document on the subject or watch the video clip.

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Marketing documents

We give you tools that make it easy for you to promote the group insurance products and services offered by La Capitale.


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