General functioning of the quick online application


I am having problems logging in. What do I need to do?

Start by resetting your password. If that doesn’t work, contact a support agent at 1 888 392-2583 or you don’t have an active La Capitale code, contact your general agent who will make the necessary arrangements with our broker licensing department.

Is the illustration software linked to the quick online application?

At this time, it is not possible to import illustration data into the online application. Please attach your illustration files to the online application.

Is it mandatory for my client to have an email address and cell number for me to use the quick online application?

Yes. Before using the online application, ensure that your clients have an email address and cell number.

I have a French-speaking client. Can I switch to French?

At the top right hand side of the screen, in the drop-down menu with your name, you can change the application language.  

Is my general agent notified if I complete a new application? 

Each time an application is sent to La Capitale’s head office by the quick online application, a password-protected copy is sent by email to the general agent. This way, your general agent is aware of the situation and can enter the information in its systems. Your general agent has been informed of the procedure for recovering the application.

How do I give my client a conditional insurance certificate?

You don’t need to worry about delivering the certificate. Since it is integrated into the application, the client receives it when receiving the signature request, if he or she is eligible.

What if I need to make a change to an application that has already been submitted?

It is not possible to make a change to an application that has already been submitted to La Capitale via the quick online application. If a change has to be made after the application was submitted, you need to fill out the Contract Change form and send it to:

However, if the application has not yet been submitted for processing, i.e. it hasn’t been signed by all parties, including you, you can make changes in the quick online application. In that case, the entire signature process will have to be repeated.

I am trying to attach files from my work station, but they are greyed out and I can’t attach them. 

Some types of files cannot be attached to the application. The online application only accepts the most popular file types. The best thing to do is convert your file to a PDF. 

Can I do a policy replacement with the quick online application?

Yes. You must attach the replacement notice form to your electronic application. Otherwise, you need to email it to within five days after submitting the electronic application.

Choice of coverage


What products are available on the platform?

At this time, individual term and permanent life insurance products are available on the platform plus the following riders:

  • Disability income benefit 
  • Accidental death or dismemberment
  • Accidental fracture rider
  • Fixed term rider
  • Critical illness rider

Our other products will be added over time.


I’m in Section Choice of coverage (Section 2) and no products are available. Why not?   

Probably because you have not yet completed important information in Section 1, such as the insured’s date of birth or gender. It may also be because the date of birth is incorrect. If so, the quick online application does not display the products available for this insured. 


Personal and medical information


Can I avoid answering the personal information questions?

If the underwriting requirement includes a telephone interview, you can choose whether or not to answer the personal and medical questions. 

Can I avoid filling out the medical questionnaire?

If the underwriting requirement includes a telephone interview, you can choose whether or not to answer the personal and medical questions.

When the client’s medical questions were completed, the platform indicated that an additional form must be filled out. What do I do?

You just need to open the PDF form that the quick online application displays on your work station, then save and complete it. Ensure that you attach the form to your application.

You can refer to the training module for how to attach a file to your application. 

Agreement and payments


How does it work if a client wants to use a cheque to pay the initial premium?

Choose the “Cheque sent by mail within five days to La Capitale” option in the quick online application. Indicate the client’s full name and the quick online application number on the cheque. Mail the cheque to the following address:

Individual Insurance and Financial Services
625 Jacques-Parizeau St
Quebec QC  G1R 2G5

Signatures and documents


Will clients receive a copy of the application?

After the signature procedure has been completed, the client receives an email allowing him or her to read and download the application.

One of my clients called me to say that he had unfortunately permanently deleted the email containing his signature request. Is it possible to have a copy of that email sent to him?

Yes. You just need to cancel the signature request and re-submit it.

What happens if a client provides an invalid email address or I make a mistake when entering the email address?

You will receive an email informing you of the situation. 

You should cancel the original signature request and send another signature request. 

What happens if a client provides an invalid telephone number or I make a mistake when entering it?

The client won’t be able to receive the authentication text when he or she tries to access the application. You will need to do the signature procedure over again in the online application and enter the correct telephone number.

I made an error in the application and I just submitted it for signatures. What can I do?

If the application has already been signed by the client, it’s too late to change it electronically. You’ll need to send us a Contract Change form to the following address:

However, if the client hasn’t yet signed, you can cancel the signature request, change the application and resend the signature request.