Coronavirus (COVID 19) Travel Insurance

A reference guide to understand your travel insurance

The health and safety of our insureds is our top priority and is what guides our decisions during the current pandemic. Although the best protection is to avoid travel, La Capitale is committed to assisting those who must.

We therefore created a guide to help you understand the specifics of travel coverage depending on the different situations that may arise during a trip.


Important Notice

This user-friendly quick reference guide provides information on travel coverage for emergency medical expenses and trip cancellation/interruption. However, your insurance policy always takes precedence; the reference guide is for information only. Please refer to your policy for the details and conditions applicable to your travel coverage.

You can find out what the risk level is for your destination as well as a history of the health travel notices by writing to this email address provided by the Canadian government. Expect some wait time before getting a response.

You can also visit to check your destination’s risk level in real time.

Am I covered?


Risk levels and Travel Advisories issued by the Government of Canada

Risk levels and Travel Advisories issued by the Government of Canada before departure

Risk Level changes during the trip

Covered or not?

Again, this guide is for information only. It does not prevail over the clauses of your policy.