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We will continue to help you protect your family, your property and your financial security. 

Even if our branches are closed to the public, we are maintaining our services, which are fully functional. Our employees are pleased to help you from home, whether it’s to provide advice, answer your questions, open a claim file, provide you with an insurance quote or change your contracts or coverages. 

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Free coverage in the event of hospitalization due to COVID-19
We want to take concrete measures to reduce the financial anxiety that may be experienced by our clients with individual Critical Illness insurance and their families in the event of hospitalization due to COVID‑19Find out more


Premium reduction rebate for our automobile insurance clients
The collective effort by Quebec residents to respect the COVID-19 confinement measures is lowering the risk of road accidents. This should be reflected in the premium our insureds pay. Find out more

We care about doing our part to help the community!


Premium reduction of 20% granted to all our auto insurance clients, including those who continue to use their vehicles.


60% reduction on our group insurance dental care premiums in May and June, to ease the burden on SMEs and employees.


Free coverage in the event of hospitalization due to COVID-19 for our clients with Critical Illness insurance and their families.


The La Capitale Foundation will honour all its financial commitments even though the events have been cancelled. It also donates to various agencies and initiatives related to our current situation.

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Here are a few examples:

Take care of your health with the services offered by our partners!

Mental health

Stronger Minds by BEACON

Remain calm and resilient in these uncertain times with daily guidance from BEACON’s mental health experts. 

Find out more

This program was developed to support your mental well-being through the COVID-19 crisis. It provides access to videos and quick reads from mental health experts on dealing with social isolation, supporting struggling family members, coping with financial security, etc.

Note: You may have trouble connecting if you use Internet Explorer.

BEACON digital therapy

Digital psychological support with help from a professional.

Find out more

Get help with mental health problems like depression, anxiety or insomnia, as well as help in managing your thoughts and feelings.

Important note: The fees that apply may be covered under your group insurance plan.

Sleep health

Improve your sleep by HALEO

This service includes a sleep health assessment and support to help you sleep better.

Find out more

Take the free sleep disorder screening test. If your results show that you have a sleep disorder, you can receive the therapy offered by the HALEO clinic.

Important note: The fees that apply may be covered under your group insurance plan.

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