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Offer a comprehensive group insurance plan to your employees. It's a key factor in attracting new employees and building loyalty among your current team. In addition to a group insurance plan that covers all your employees' needs, we offer unique services to help control and reduce insurance premiums related to group insurance.


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Access the main group insurance forms for plan administrators


For over 10 years, through its VIVA program, La Capitale has been developing a culture of prevention, which underlies all its actions. Taking concrete action to  deal with risk factors and promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits are what set La Capitale apart. 





Support program for self-management of chronic conditions

58% of your employees have one or more chronic conditions, according to the Sanofi survey.

Are you prepared to offer your organization’s employees concrete support?

The support program for self-management of chronic conditions is part of La Capitale’s health and wellness continuum. Over a six-month period, the program provides guidance to participants suffering from one or more chronic illnesses which might result in significant group plan usage, enabling them to independently manage their condition. The objective is to lower prescription drug use and reduce the complications associated with chronic conditions. The number and length of disability periods should, incidentally, also diminish.

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VIVA Workplace Health and Wellness Program 

VIVA is a turnkey workplace health and wellness program that gives you concrete tools to encourage and promote the physical and psychological balance of your employees. The VIVA approach consists of identifying the risk factors associated with your workplace which might be detrimental to your employees’ health and acting to address these factors.

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Employee Assistance Program 

La Capitale's employee assistance program provides assistance and support services for all employees and their dependents. Our assistance program sets itself apart through the diverse and efficient interventions carried out by competent counsellors, all of whom are members of a professional order. The goal is to improve the health, productivity and well-being of employees while reducing absenteeism and disability, as well as the costs associated with them. 

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Manager Assistance Program 

The Manager Assistance Program brings together assistance and support services for managers and union representatives who are policyholders, and is designed to better equip them to tackle the unique challenges they face. 

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