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Offer a comprehensive group insurance plan to your employees. It's a key factor in attracting new employees and building loyalty among your current team. In addition to a group insurance plan that covers all your employees' needs, we offer unique services to help control and reduce insurance premiums related to group insurance.


Access the main group insurance forms for plan administrators.

This section is reserved for plan administrators of particular groups from the Public Administration. 

Coverages available for your organisation's employees

Prescription Drug, Medical and Paramedical Expense insurance

This insurance covers prescription drugs, as well as medical and paramedical expenses, including treatments received from authorized healthcare professionals.

Dental and Vision Care

Benefits are payable to an insured for dental care or services or the purchase of glasses or contact lenses.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance enables the employee to receive periodic disability benefits when he is unable to carry out his professional activities due to an accident or illness. This coverage includes Tandem, an assistance and support services for managers.

Life Insurance

Upon the death of the participant or one of his or her dependents, an amount is paid to the designated beneficiary or to the estate, if no beneficiary has been designated.

Travel Insurance and Assistance

This insurance covers emergency medical expenses incurred abroad and provides access to an internal assistance service.

Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare Insurance allows you to maintain insurance that's similar to the coverage you have under your Group Insurance plan when opting out.

VIVA Workplace Health and Wellness Program

VIVA offers a turnkey health program that promotes the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits through motivating workplace activities. VIVA is also available solo, without group insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

When suffering from a critical illness, this insurance pays benefits that the employee use to provide for his needs.

Other available services

Employee Assistance Program

This program has been designed to provide professional assistance to your employees and their family members experiencing difficulties that might impact their health and wellness or their performance at work.

Online Services

At La Capitale, we love making your life easier. For that reason, we offer different online services to help you manage your group insurance. 

Multiservices Benefit

The Multiservices benefit was designed to enable participants to convalesce at home by reimbursing the expenses associated with home care services.

Group Insurance Plan for SME

La Capitale now has a group insurance plan that's been specially designed to meet the needs of businesses with 2 to 50 employees! In addition to being easy to administer, online and secure, Action 2-50 offers a full range of coverages for participants and their eligible family members. 


Tandem provides assistance and support services for managers and union representatives (the policyholders). Its aim is to improve wellness in the workplace and curb absenteeism.

Conversion Privilege (Retirement or End of Employment)

You have 60 days to convert your group healthcare insurance to an individual healthcare insurance policy and 31 days to convert your group life insurance policy to an individual life insurance policy without having to complete a medical questionnaire.


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