Multiservices Benefit – Home Care and Assistance


The Multiservices benefit is provided in addition to the Health Insurance plan. It was designed to enable insureds to convalesce at home, worry free, by reimbursing the expenses associated with home care services recommended by a physician and necessary for treatment following hospitalization or day surgery.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Fees for home assistance services, invoiced by a specialized organization, for purposes of washing, feeding, dressing and looking after the insured's basic hygienic needs.
  • Expenses incurred for a stay in a convalescent hospital specialized in post-hospitalization care.
  • Basic expenses for general home maintenance services (meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry and dishwashing, lawn mowing and snow removal) performed by someone other than a close relative of the insured.
  • Expenses for childcare services provided for minor children by a person other than a close relative of the insured.

Iconereclamation.png Claims

  1. Contact the Customer Relations 1 800 463-4856.
  2. Forward the required documents.
    • The doctor's note that indicates the diagnosis and the scheduled period during which the services will be required
    • The doctor's note specifying the type of recommended services
    • The hospitalization period and/or the date of day surgery
    • Detailed receipts of expenses, if already incurred, or a complete description of the services to be received


For more information, please call toll free 1 800 463-4856.

This page is provided for information purposes only. It merely provides an overview as to the nature of the coverage available. At all times, the terms and conditions pertaining to the coverage provided under each benefit are governed solely by the group insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.