Tandem Support Services


To obtain support or for further information, consult your representative or sales consultant.

Tandem provides assistance and support services for managers and union representatives (the policyholders). Its aim is to improve wellness in the workplace and curb absenteeism.

Take advantage of specialized support

Crisis management

Serious and unanticipated events can have a destabilizing effect on employees, work teams and even the organization as a whole. Tandem is accessible at all times to help you manage these situations and to reduce the harmful effects these disturbing events can have, if not prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Employee assistance

Tandem can help an employee or co-worker who is going through a difficult time. At the first sign of a problem, refer the person to the assistance service for effective professional support.

Training and coaching

Tandem gives you access to online conferences and information on a wide range of topics directly related to your interactions with employees.

Clients who take advantage of this service may obtain support by visiting the Tandem site.

For further information on Tandem services, consult your representative or sales consultant.