Planning Your Retirement

Net retirement income

Take into account the expenses you will no longer have when retired such as contributions to public programs and group insurance:

  • The Quebec Pension Plan or Canada Pension Plan: 5.325% or 4.95% of income between $3,500 and $54,900 (2016 maximum: $2,737.05 or $2,544.30).
  • Employment Insurance: 1.88% of income up to a maximum insurable amount of $50,800 (2016 maximum: $955.04).
  • Your pension plan: 4.0% to 14.38% of your salary exceeding $13,725 or $19,215 in 2016, according to your pension plan (for example, at RREGOP in 2016: 11.12% of your salary exceeding $13,725).
  • Your group Insurance: Life insurance, disability, health, etc.
  • Your dues: Professional associations, unions, etc.

Retirement insurance

Check which coverage can be maintained and determine if you and your loved ones have adequate coverage in the event of death or illness.

  • Our permanent life insurance products are designed for individuals age 50 and over.
  • Our health, accident and long term care insurance products will allow you to be independent and maintain your quality of life.

Retirement planning seminars

Planning means giving yourself the means to make a smooth transition to retirement, from both a personal and professional point of view. To enjoy better quality of life, you should plan the financial side but also maintain an active lifestyle and be health-conscious.

2015-2016 Schedule of Retirement Planning Seminars (French only) (PDF - 6 pages)
Obtain subscription form (French only)

Who are these seminars designed for?

Individuals age 50 and over and their spouses. Some exceptions apply to individuals under 50.

To check your eligibility, contact:

Jean Perron
Educational consultant
Retirement planning

CSAE Pavillon Bélanger
767 Bélanger St
Montreal QC H2S 1G7

Tel: 514 278-3535, ext. 234


Time and location

  • Seminars can run from 14 to 24 hours and can accommodate up to 25 people, including spouses.
  • They can be conducted at any time of day, based on the clients' needs.
  • They are offered anywhere in Quebec, in French or English, by seminar leaders and speakers in your area.

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