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Are you opting out of your Group Insurance plan?

Healthcare Insurance (Contract No. 3992) allows you to maintain insurance that's similar to the coverage you have under your Group Insurance plan. It's also the perfect complement to the public health insurance plan.

Hurry! You have a period of 60 days following the termination of your Group Insurance plan in which to update your Healthcare Insurance coverage without having to answer a medical questionnaire.

5 reasons why you should get Healthcare Insurance (Contract No. 3992)

  1. 3 plan options and an optional coverage supplement to better meet your needs
  2. Use a service card to get direct reimbursement of prescription drug expenses1
  3. Take advantage of the Enriched plan, travel insurance that covers you for a 180-day stay
  4. Choose a prescription drug insurance formula that will allow you to complement your coverage under the provincial public plan
  5. Get access to the VIVA Workplace Health and Wellness Program

Reference documents

Leaflet - Healthcare Insurance (contract 3992) (PDF - 5 pages)

Healthcare Insurance (contract 3992) Application (PDF - 2 pages)

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1 The portion of expenses not covered under Quebec's basic prescription drug insurance plan and the RAMQ will be reimbursed based on the percentage indicated in your plan when you enrol in the optional coverage supplement.