La Capitale offers personalized support for chronic illness sufferers

September 27, 2018 – La Capitale is launching a support program for self-management of chronic conditions in the workplace. This initiative supports people as they take charge of their illness, enabling them to move forward according to the characteristics of their condition and their experience.

Over a six-month period during which 12 sessions take place, those suffering from a chronic condition targeted by the program are monitored by a nurse whose interventions are customized based on the individual’s needs. Monitoring is carried out by means of a simple, user-friendly health monitoring platform where patients can enter their biometric data, communicate with the nurse and access information on their condition.

For over 10 years, through the VIVA program (, La Capitale has been developing a culture of prevention that guides all of its actions. “With our support program, we are now able to go beyond prevention and offer people the assistance they need in order to develop the ability to self-manage their condition,” said Annie Giguère, Director of Product Development and Marketing at La Capitale.

Chronic illnesses require a varied set of healthcare and social services (screening, diagnosis, treatment, support, rehabilitation, etc.). The healthcare system, which is more reactive and focused on acute care, does not promote management or overall and coordinated prevention of chronic illness. Because chronic illnesses sufferers do not always receive adequate support for self-management of their condition, they become even more vulnerable to an aggravation of their disease. La Capitale’s support program for self-management of chronic conditions suggests personalized initiatives which enable these persons to take charge of their condition.

This program is part of La Capitale’s health and wellness continuum. It provides guidance to participants suffering from diabetes or a cardiovascular disease, giving them the tools they need to independently manage their condition. The program aims to achieve lower prescription drug use and a reduction in the complications associated with chronic conditions. The number and length of disability periods should, incidentally, also diminish.

“La Capitale, as a company, will participate in the program, and our employees will be able to benefit from it,” added Jean St-Gelais, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services.

About La Capitale

La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, created in 1940, has a strong presence across Quebec and throughout Canada. With over 2,740 employees and guided by the values of mutualism on which it was founded, La Capitale works with clients to build, protect and value what they feel counts for their financial security. It offers insurance products and financial services to the general public as well as to Quebec public service employees. With assets of $7.1 billion, La Capitale occupies a choice position among leading insurers in Canada.

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