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At La Capitale, the safety and well-being of our clients is our priority. That's why we're proud to be able to offer our clients access to air ambulance services, as a result of our partnership with Airmedic.

Airmedic is the only private company in Quebec with its own fleet of airplanes and helicopters dedicated exclusively to emergency medical rescue. In the event of an emergency, Airmedic coverage ensures you get quick and efficient air ambulance rescue at all times, day or night, anywhere in Quebec.

The Airmedic teams are made up of seasoned professionals from the medical and aviation industries. They can meet a multitude of needs during emergency medical situations. Airmedic therefore takes care of all the patients’ needs during its rescue missions.

Through our partnership with Airmedic, you can get this coverage at a preferred rate, or even for FREE!

  1. Free subscription
    Family Airmedic coverage, a $250 value (including taxes), is offered free to all watercraft, cottage, snowmobile or ATV insurance owners who also have a home or auto insurance product with La Capitale.
  2. Preferred subscription rate of $81
    Clients who have only home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance can still get the preferred rate of $81 (plus taxes) on Family Airmedic coverage.

Make sure you're safe wherever you go!

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Emergency medical help at your disposal
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What is Airmedic?

Airmedic offers emergency medical transportation by helicopter or airplane to the most suitable hospital 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. With bases in Saguenay, Quebec City, the Laurentians, Montreal, Chibougamau and the Eastern Townships, Airmedic is well positioned to serve you anywhere in Quebec.

Within minutes of receiving your call, a helicopter is dispatched to pick you up wherever you are in the province. It will take you to the most suitable hospital for your condition.

Airmedic's services can come in handy in a number of situations. Not only is the coverage reassuring to have if you take part in motorized sports, but it can be very useful if you have a health crisis when you're at your cottage or get into a road accident in a remote area far away from a major city.

Visit Airmedic's website for more info

Why should I become an Airmedic member when the government already offers hospital plane service?

The Quebec government's hospital plane service is an important component of the province's healthcare system, but hospital planes do not carry out individual emergency medical rescue operations. Hospital planes are designed to transport several patients at a time. They operate as a shuttle service throughout Quebec, which can mean substantial wait-times before patients arrive at the hospital.

I'm not into extreme sports or other high-risk activities.  Is Airmedic coverage right for me?

Think about it: What would happen if you had a heart attack? How long would it take to get the specialized emergency medical attention you need? Many people are under the false impression that Airmedic is only for people who like living on the edge, or off the beaten path. But Airmedic is for everyone!

I have an unstable health condition, or a specific physical condition. Am I still eligible for Airmedic coverage?

Yes. There are no health questionnaires to fill out.

Are Airmedic services covered by RAMQ or SAAQ?

No. Contrary to popular belief, the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) and the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) do not cover any helicopter or airplane medical rescue service

La Capitale previously had an agreement with Airmedic. Is this the same one?

La Capitale had an agreement in the past with the AirMédic air ambulance company, a non-profit organization that no longer exists. Our new partner, Airmedic Inc., is a private company that started operating on May 1, 2012 and already has six operational bases in Quebec.

Is Airmedic able to fly night missions?

Yes. In March 2016, Airmedic obtained Transport Canada's certification for the use of ANVIS 9 night vision goggles, which improve night flight conditions. The technology behind these goggles enables pilots to land virtually anywhere, anytime (weather permitting).

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When will I receive my Airmedic card?

You will get your card by mail approximately two weeks after the date on which your Airmedic coverage with La Capitale becomes effective. Please note that you are still covered even if you don't have your card yet.

I received my contract, but not my Airmedic card...

Your Airmedic card is not sent at the same time as your contract. You will receive your membership two weeks after the coverage is added to your contract.

I lost my card—what should I do?

To get a new card, call Airmedic's customer service department at 1 866 673-3838.

Who is covered?

Airmedic Family coverage, valued at $250, is offered free to those with watercraft, secondary residence, snowmobile or ATV insurance plus another home or auto insurance product with La Capitale. Those with home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance only can get Airmedic coverage at the preferred rate of $81.

The Airmedic Family Coverage card also covers the spouse and children of the eligible clients residing at the same address as them, even if it's in their name only. 

Is there a limit to the annual number of calls?

No, there are no restrictions.  In the event of illness or severe accident, don't hesitate to contact Airmedic, even if you're not sure whether you require a helicopter intervention.

When will my coverage begin and end?

As part of the agreement between Airmedic and La Capitale, your coverage begins as soon as it's put in force by La Capitale (even if you haven't received your membership card yet). It will remain in force, as long as you keep the insurance products you currently have (and pay the annual subscription fee, if you got a preferred rate).

Once I'm an Airmedic member, are there any other fees for making emergency calls?

No. Your Family coverage includes all the emergency medical services by helicopter or airplane offered by Airmedic.

Airmedic doesn't have a base in my area. How can you guarantee I will get fast assistance in the event of an emergency?

Airmedic is committed to taking any steps necessary in order to rescue you as fast as possible, no matter where you are in Quebec.

My cottage is close to a border. How can I make sure that I'm located on land that is covered by Airmedic? 

You're covered by Airmedic, as long as you are on land that is part of the province of Quebec. If you decide to go over the border, we cannot rescue you because we do not have authorization to do so.

I'm already an Airmedic member. Can I get a refund for my membership fees and take advantage of La Capitale's offer?

The Airmedic coverage is not refundable or transferable. As such, Airmedic clients who become eligible for the free or preferred rate coverage offered by La Capitale cannot get a refund for membership fees already paid.

However, you can take advantage of the free or preferred rate coverage offer from La Capitale when your current coverage expires.

I subscribed for Airmedic coverage with La Capitale's $45 preferred rate (plus taxes).  If I become eligible for the free coverage during the year, will I be reimbursed?

Yes. As soon as you become eligible for Airmedic's free offer, La Capitale will reimburse you for the balance of your membership (for example, if you were covered for 3 months, we will reimburse you for the remaining 9 months.

I subscribed for Airmedic coverage with La Capitale's $49 preferred rate (plus taxes). Will I have to pay the new rate of $81 on my next renewal?

No. To thank you for entrusting us with your insurance needs, we are happy to confirm that, as an actual client, you will continue to benefit from the rate of $49 plus tax when you renew your coverage, for as long as you keep your current insurance products.

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