Wind, Hail and Freezing Rain


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A windstorm ripped the shingles off your roof? Hail or freezing rain cause damage to your home? Here are the steps to follow to file a claim:

  1. Take care of emergency repairs to prevent water from leaking through the roof. Keep the invoice for reimbursement.
  2.  Remove all debris on the ground to avoid further damage to your property or the neighbours' property.
  3.  Contact our Claims Department at 1 800 461-0770 to report the loss.

Damage to your temporary carport

  1. If your carport collapsed or you consider it to be dangerous, take photographs and provide them if possible. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact our Claims Department at 1 800 461-0770 for assistance.
  2. You will need to provide the following information to your claims adjuster :
    1. The make, dimensions, purchase price, date and location of purchase
    2.  The bill of sale
    3. The rental contract, if the carport is rented. The contract will stipulate who is responsible for the repairs.
  3. Get an estimate for the repairs or replacement.
  4. Contact our Claims Department at 1 800 461-0770 to report the loss.

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Send us information to finalize your claim (police report, joint report of automobile accident, photos or diagram of the accident).

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