Car Insurance

Insure your car with us and benefit from competitive premiums and unparalleled coverage.

Group Insurance

Benefit from our extensive line of insurance products, as well as advice for improving your lifestyle habits.

Home Insurance

Get comprehensive coverage for your home, condo or apartment.

Health and Disability Insurance

Breathe more easily in the event of an illness and let us handle the payments for your auto and home insurance in the event of a disability.

Life Insurance

Get lifetime coverage or take out insurance for a predetermined period.

Travel Insurance

Enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind from our affordable, simple and straightforward insurance solutions.

Motorcycle Insurance

Opt for our industry-leading insurance, which includes coverage for new three-wheeler models.

Recreational and Leisure Vehicle Insurance

Take advantage of our complete line of products adapted to every type of recreational and leisure vehicle.

Credit Protection (loan) Insurance

Protect your investments in the event of death, critical illness or disability.

Legal Access Insurance

Consult a lawyer for just over $1 a week!

Accident Insurance - Accidental Fracture

Benefit from peace of mind and cover your whole family in the event of an accident.

Rent Insurance

Protect your capacity to pay your rent in case of disability or death.