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Who authorizes the repair shop to proceed?

The vehicle owner. You are the only one who can authorize repairs to your damaged vehicle during the whole claim process. The selected repair shop will have you sign a document authorizing repair of your vehicle.

Can I choose which repair shop I take my vehicle to?

Yes, you can choose which shop repairs your damaged vehicle.

If you do not know which one would be best or would like some help in choosing one, La Capitale works with a network of trusted garages that can:

  • assess the damage on site.
  • provide you with a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired;
  • offer you additional warranties on repairs that, in certain cases, are valid as long as you own the car.

Am I entitled to a rental vehicle while my automobile is being repaired?

The vast majority of our network of body shops and dealers offer courtesy vehicles while repairs are being made to your vehicle.

If, however, a courtesy vehicle is not made available, a rental car is covered by Q.E.F. 20 Loss of Use Extension Endorsement that can be added to Section B. It allows for the reimbursement of rental fees for a replacement vehicle while the damaged vehicle is being repaired. Receipts are required and the claim must be covered under Section B. This coverage is subject to the insurance amount limit mentioned in the Declarations of your insurance contract.

If you don't have this endorsement and are not responsible for a collision subject to the Direct Compensation Agreement (see criteria under the question "Who pays for damage to my vehicle..."), La Capitale will pay the necessary fees incurred for a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is not available.

Who receives the cheque for repairs and in whose name will it be issued?

If you assign your claim to the repair shop owner, we will make the payment directly to the repair shop.

Otherwise, the cheque is issued in the designated insured's and the repair shop's name. The cheque will be sent directly to the address indicated in the Declarations of your insurance contract.

How the coverage works


Am I covered in the event of an accident that occurs when I have loaned my car to my child or a friend?

You can lend your car to anyone who has a valid driver's licence. If this person has an accident while driving your car, you will receive compensation based on the coverage provided under your car insurance contract. Someone frequently drives your car? Contact your insurer to make sure you’re properly covered!

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What impact does the Automobile Claims Database (FCSA) have on the calculation of my Auto insurance premium?

The Automobile Claims Database catalogues all automobile losses for the last six years, whether or not a claim is filed. It allows your insurer to determine the risk that you represent and establish your premium accordingly.

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Why does my Auto insurer want to access my credit information?

One of the key principles of insurance resides in finding the right balance, meaning the premium paid must reflect the risk to be insured. To determine the risk, and the car insurance premium amount to be paid, your insurer will look at different criteria, including your credit information.

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Who determines the responsibility of the drivers in the event of an accident?

The claims adjuster collects information during the course of the investigation that allow him or her to determine the responsibility of drivers involved in the accident. The percentage of responsibility of the drivers is determined according to the Drivers' Fault Chart of the Direct Compensation Agreement (PDF - 1,65 MB).

Should I report the accident if I don't make a claim for damage to my vehicle?

If you have caused damage to a third party in an accident and the Direct Compensation Agreement doesn't apply (for example, you were involved in an accident outside of Quebec or you hit immovable property such as a fence, pole, street lamp, etc.), the third party is likely to claim for damages. Civil Liability Insurance covers you against the financial consequences of this type of accident.

Furthermore, it is preferable to call your insurer when you have an accident, even a minor one.

Will my premium increase after an accident?

Changes in insurance premiums at renewal are affected by several factors. A Customer Service agent can provide you with information on how it works.

How long will it take before an appraiser assesses the damage?

Damage to the vehicle will normally be assessed within 5 business days, once the case has been assigned.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

When a deductible applies, the amount is deducted from the indemnity payment. If your vehicle can be repaired, you pay the deductible to the shop that you have selected to repair your vehicle.

Who pays for damage to my vehicle if I am not responsible for the accident?

Since the adoption of the Direct Compensation Agreement by the Groupement des assureurs automobile in 1978, your auto insurance company must pay for repairs according to the terms of the agreement.

In short, if you have an accident and the following three criteria are met, we will pay for repairing your damaged vehicle and we don't have any right to recourse against the insurer of the responsible party.

  • The accident occurs in Quebec.
  • The accident involves at least two vehicles or one vehicle and the load of another vehicle.
  • The vehicle owners are identified.

The same rule applies if you are involved in an accident for which you are responsible. The insurer of the vehicle that you damage has no recourse against La Capitale.

If you are not satisfied with the settlement made in accordance with the agreement, the Automobile Insurance Act provides for your right to go to court.

In the event of a hit-and-run, if you don't have collision insurance in your contract, contact the Compensation fund. The fund reimburses property damage caused to a vehicle by a non-identified third party. In this case, you must provide a police report and a deductible is applicable.


Legal problems related to a vehicle


If I sell my car to another person, what can I do to limit my liability?

It's important to have a written contract. Make sure you include the following in the document:

  1. your name and that of the buyer
  2. the make and model, the year of manufacture, the mileage and the serial number of the vehicle
  3. information on repairs carried out or known problems
  4. a statement to the effect that the sale is being made with no guarantee against hidden defects or that the vehicle is being bought at the buyer's own risk.

Is it possible to get out of a long-term rental contract?

Yes. The Consumer Protection Act allows you to cancel a contract without cost or penalty within two days following the date that you and the renter received a copy of the contract. After the two-day period, the contract can only be cancelled with the dealer's agreement.