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Download your auto insurance certificates into the Apple Wallet app

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You can now download your auto insurance certificate into the Apple Wallet application (available on iPhone only).



Easy to download in just a few seconds


View your insurance certificate anytime in a secure manner


Share your electronic certificate with your family members from the Apple Wallet application

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Client Centre or launch the La Capitale app from your iPhone.

  2. In the Home, auto and leisure vehicles section, click on “Get an insurance certificate,” then “Add to Apple Wallet”.

  3. You will have to update your certificate at each renewal of, or change to, your auto insurance policy by downloading it again to the Apple Wallet application.

La Capitale cannot guarantee that the electronic version of the certificate will be accepted by all police forces. Make sure you always have a paper version in the vehicle.

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ section!

Who can use the electronic insurance certificate?

Clients who hold auto insurance, are signed up for the Client Centre and own an Apple iPhone.

Does the insurance certificate downloaded into the Apple Wallet have legal value?

Yes it’s legal, but it may not yet be accepted by all police forces. That’s why we recommend that you always have the paper version in your possession.

Why is La Capitale recommending I download the insurance certificate into the Apple Wallet application?

It’s another way to have your insurance certificate on hand and find information more quickly.

Why don’t I see this option on my Android phone?

The Apple Wallet application is only available on iPhones. La Capitale is working on developing an Apple Wallet-style solution for Android phones. 

How much does the Apple Wallet application cost?

It’s free.

Is downloading the insurance certificate into the Apple Wallet app mandatory?

It’s not mandatory. It’s just another way to have your insurance certificate on hand.

Will my certificate be updated automatically at renewal of my contract, if I add a vehicle or if I make changes to my coverage? 

No, you must download the new version of your certificates at each renewal or if you make a change to your auto insurance contract. To do so:

  • Log in to the Client Centre at or launch the La Capitale app from your iPhone.
  • In the Home, auto and leisure vehiclessection, click on “Get an insurance certificate,” select the vehicle(s) for which the certificate must be added or updated, then “Add to Apple Wallet”. 

Can the insurance certificate be shared using the Apple Wallet app?

Yes! Click on the three little dots in the black circle at the top of the screen, then click on “Share Pass”.

You will have to share the card again at renewal, if you modify your contract or add or replace a vehicle.

Is it safe to give my mobile phone to a police officer? Can the officer access my personal information?

You can use the Apple Wallet application when your device is locked. This way, only the certificate is visible and any other information can only be accessed with your password.

If you need help with this feature, contact Apple Support at 1 800 263-3394 or visit their website.

How can I see the back of the insurance certificate?

You can access the back of the certificate by clicking on the three little dots in the black circle at the top of the screen.

Why does La Capitale recommend that clients use the insurance certificate in the Apple Wallet application?

We want to simplify our clients’ lives and respond to requests from many of them who now prefer to work with this more practical method.

Can I download my insurance certificate using an Apple Watch?

La Capitale does not recommend downloading the certificate to an Apple Watch, because clients will not get a complete version of the certificate, which does not include all the required information.

How can I switch the language on my certificate in my Apple Wallet application?

The certificate will be in the same language as you have selected in the Client Centre. To switch the language of the certificates in the Apple Wallet application, you must change your language preference in the Client Centre.

Make your life easier! Download your auto insurance certificates into the Apple Wallet application today!