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Claim forgiveness coverage: avoid premium increases resulting from one or even two auto claims!


Get full roadside assistance for only $2 per month if you are between 20 and 30 years old!


Up to 20% off for drivers with no claims.


Receive a 15% discount on your electric or hybrid auto insurance.


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Claim Forgiveness Coverage

Avoid premium increases
resulting from one or even two auto insurance claims!

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What does auto insurance include?



Mandatory coverage: civil liability insurance

You are covered if you cause damage to other persons and if your vehicle is damaged in an accident in which you are not at fault.

$1M of coverage is generally recommended for civil liability (Section A) in your auto insurance. Driving outside Quebec? It is recommended to increase your coverage to $2M.


Options: coverages for property damage to your vehicle

Based on your situation, add optional coverage for property damage to your vehicle:

  • In the event of a collision in which you are at fault or you are the victim of a hit-and-run (Section B2)
  • In the event of fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage (Section B3)

Other popular coverages

Claim forgiveness
When renewing your insurance, you notice that your premium has increased because of an accident. With claim forgiveness, you avoid premium increases resulting from one or even two auto claims.

Travel costs (Q.E.F. or endorsement No. 20A)
This protection, useful in the event of an accident that deprives you of your vehicle for several days, covers automobile rental costs or public transportation or taxi expenses. Additional accommodation expenses are also covered if the accident occurs far from home.

Civil liability resulting from damage caused to vehicles of which the named insured is not owner (Q.E.F. or endorsement No. 27)
This protection covers damage to a borrowed or short-term rental vehicle. It often costs less than the insurance offered by the lessor.

Change to Indemnity (Q.E.F. or endorsement Nos. 43A and 43E)
This coverage, better known as “Replacement Value” coverage, is an interesting option if you have a new vehicle. It allows you to obtain a waiver of depreciation in the event of the total loss of your vehicle.
In the event of a partial loss, the insurer uses new parts to replace damaged parts that cannot be repaired.
In the event of a total loss, the indemnity corresponds to the cost of a new vehicle with the same features as those of the insured vehicle.

Purchase price option for used cars (Q.E.F. or endorsement No. 43D)
In the event of a total loss, this optional coverage ensures that you will be compensated based on the price paid for your new used car, not considering depreciation.


Add-ons: benefits that make all the difference

No matter what situation you are facing, we are by your side! Our assistance services are available to you for free or at a preferred rate.

How to file a car insurance claim

If a covered loss occurs: We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will process your claim quickly and fairly.

See the tips below for dealing with the most common situations.

Glass breakage

Civil liability



Partial theft and vandalism

Total theft


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Firm in Damage Insurance. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. 1. Savings apply to new two-year policies. Promotion reimbursement by cheque or bank deposit. 2. Source: CROP survey of 600 clients with home and auto claims, May 2014.