Claim for prescription drug and for medical and paramedical expenses


  • Your claim has been submitted to La Capitale Civil Service Insurer Inc, (La Capitale).
  • You must submit your claim for benefits within 12 months following the date on which the expenses were incurred and the services were rendered.
  • Keep your original receipts for a 12-month period following the claim date. La Capitale reserves the right to ask for these receipts at any time during this 12-month period.

IMPORTANT: The payment of benefits will be made as per the instructions in your file. If you wish to provide or change your bank information, please attach a cheque specimen. For all other changes, please call our Customer Service department at 418 644-4200 or 1 800 463-4856, or fill out the paper form.

For technical support, please call 1 855 747-2233.