Critical Illness Insurance


If you become critically ill, this coverage pays benefits that you can use to provide for your needs. You can, for example, use the benefits to pay for medical care or treatment or to cover the expenses of adapting your environment to your physical condition. The benefits can make up for a decrease in your personal income or compensate for a loss of income resulting from an absence from work to take care of a child suffering from a covered critical illness.


Coverage for the insured and spouse

Coverage for the insured and spouse
Covered surgeries and illnesses % of insured amount
Multiple sclerosis 100%
Muscular dystrophy 100%
Paralysis 100%
Alzheimer’s disease 100%
Parkinson’s disease 100%
Motor neuron diseases 100%
Blindness 100%
HIV (accidental occupational HIV infection) 100%
Stroke 50%
Kidney failure 50%
Severe burns 50%
Major organ transplant 50%
Heart attack (myocardial infarction) 35%
Cancer 35%
Coma 35%
Coronary bypass 35%
Deafness 25%
Speech loss 25%


Coverage for dependent children

Maladies couvertes
Down syndrome (Trisomy 21)
Severe brain damage
Severe mental deficiency
Severe heart malformation
Cystic fibrosis
Spina bifida
Severe burns


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This page is provided for information purposes only. It merely provides an overview as to the nature of the coverage available. At all times, the terms and conditions pertaining to the coverage provided under each benefit are governed solely by the group insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.

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