Disability Insurance


Disability insurance enables to receive periodic disability benefit payments when unable to carry out professional activities due to an accident or illness.

Short-Term Disability insurance

This insurance enables you to receive benefits for a short period of generally 15 to 26 weeks.

Long-Term Disability insurance

This insurance enables you to receive monthly benefits for a longer period of generally more than 18 weeks.

Disability claims: Finding you way?

If you have an accident or experience unusual symptoms that persist, consult your physician without delay in case a medical leave is necessary.

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The paper form must be completed by the participant, the employer and the attending physician.


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This page is provided for information purposes only. It merely provides an overview as to the nature of the coverage available. At all times, the terms and conditions pertaining to the coverage provided under each benefit are governed solely by the group insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.