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3 quick ways to submit your claim

For medical and paramedical care, including prescription drugs, dental care and vision care



Access the electronic claim form in your Client Centre or on the La Capitale website and submit your claims 

Go to the Client Centre



On the La Capitale
mobile app

 You can submit your claim by adding photos of your receipts

Download the mobile app


Directly at the pharmacy or the dentist's office 

Present your service card at the parmacy or your dentist's office. They will process your claim for you!

iconeformulaire.png Forms 

Print and complete the claim forms below then send them by mail and get reimbursed once they are processed

  • Medical and paramedical 

  • Dental care

  • Administration

  • Disability

Authorization for the disclosure of medical information Download (PDF - 1 page)

Claim for prescription drug and for medical and paramedical expenses Download  (PDF - 2 pages)

Request for Brand Name Drug Coverage Download  (PDF - 2 pages)

Request for Assessment Prior Authorization Drug Download (PDF - 2 pages)

List of drugs requiring prior authorization


Dental care
Declaration of insurability / Dental care insurance plan / Group insurance Download (PDF - 1 page)
Dental insurance claim form Download (PDF - 2 pages) 


Age 65 - Reimbursement of prescription drugs by Insurer Download (PDF - 1 page)
Authorization - Revocation for the disclosure of personal information Download (PDF - 1 page)
Checklist for life insurance claims Download (PDF - 1 page)
Declaration of the claimant Download (PDF - 1 page)
Dependent child status for a person with a total disability or functional impairment Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Designation of beneficiary Download (PDF - 1 page)
Employees on leave or on light duties on the date group insurance comes into force Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Evidence of Insurability Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Healthcare Insurance Application (Perspective 3992) Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Information concerning dependents Download (PDF - 1 page)
Membership application to group insurance / Modifications to group insurance Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Membership application to group insurance / Modifications to group insurance / Advantage 2-9 Download (PDF - 2 pages)
Notice /Temporary work interruption / Return to work Download (PDF - 1 page)
Notice of modification Download (PDF - 1 page)
Preauthorized debit agreement (PAD) Download (PDF - 1 page)
Request for Cancellation due to Repossession Download (PDF - 1 page)
Status statement smoker or non-smoker Download (PDF - 1 page)
Termination of exemption Download (PDF - 1 page)


For Group Insurance
Application for short and/or long term Disability Insurance Benefits / Initial Application Download (PDF - 4 pages)
Application for extension short and/or long term / Disability Insurance Download (PDF - 4 pages) 
Application for direct deposit of benefits Download (PDF - 1 page)
For La Capitale Financial Security’s  customers of the Penncorp Series/Pillar Series’ products
I hold an individual La Capitale Financial Security disability insurance policy outside of Quebec