Understanding your insurance contract


Let us show you how to better understand your home, car or leisure vehicle insurance contract. So you don't miss anything, take some time to go over the important sections of your contract with us.

First, locate the table of contents on the second sheet of the document.

What you should read

Take a look at the important sections of your insurance contract to. Here’s what you’ll find out:

Important Instructions

  • Things you must do (e.g. signature needed, supplementary document to be sent)
  • Changes to coverage, maximum reimbursement amounts or deductibles
  • Free coverage available to you

Client Advantages

  • Discounts and savings on your insurance
  • Advantages of being insured with us


  • Cost of your insurance
  • Schedule of future payments


  • Summary of coverages for all property insured under the Declarations Page(auto insurance contract) or Coverage Summary Page (home insurance contract)

Wording and endorsements

  • Details of coverage, exclusions and limits of your contract

Where do you find information in your insurance contract?

Since they are valuable, you want to protect your home, car, bike, motorcycle or computer. Here’s where to find the answers to your questions in your contract.


Where are my insurance certificates?

Your insurance certificates as well as certificates for rental vehicles, if you have a rider or Q.E.F. 27, are in the Insurance Certificates section. You can also request copies in the Client Centre.

What has changed from my last contract?

See the Important Instructions section.

What are the maximum reimbursement amounts?

See the Insurance section

What is the deductible amount?

See the Insurance section

Is my pool insured?

Check the Coverage Summary Page in the Home Insurance section.

What coverage is included in my insurance?

See the Insurance section

When does my contract begin and end?

Check the contract term at the beginning of the Declarations Page (auto insurance contract) or Coverage Summary Page (home insurance contract) in the Insurance section.

How do I cancel my insurance?

You will find the contract cancellation form at the end of the Insurance section.

The procedure for cancelling an insurance contract is found in the Wording and Endorsements section. This section is sent to you only with your first contract or when a major change is made.

Cost of insurance

From which account will my premiums be debited?

The bank account is indicated in the Billing section of your contract above the second table (Preauthorized Payment Notice).

How much does my insurance cost?

See the Billing section or the Declarations Page (auto insurance contract) or Coverage Summary Page (home insurance contract) in the Insurance section.

When will my premium be debited from my account?

The day the premium will be debited is indicated in the Billing section of your contract above the second table (Preauthorized Payment Notice).

What discounts did I receive on my insurance?

Find out about your savings in the Client Advantages section.

What are the advantages of being insured by La Capitale?

Find out about the benefits of your insurance in the Client Advantages section.

Property and casualty insurance

What is property and casualty insurance?

Property and casualty insurance is a type of insurance that covers your property (automobile and various other vehicles, home, business, etc.) and your liability in the event of fire, accident, etc.

This type of insurance pays only for direct damage caused by an insured event, not for correcting the cause of damage. For example, if your washing machine pipe bursts and damages your floor, you will be compensated according to the coverage selected in your contract. However, the insurance does not pay for replacing the pipe.

What is civil liability?

Civil liability insurance is a component of property and casualty insurance. It covers you if you are held liable for unintentional bodily injury or accidental damage to someone else's property. In these situations, you have a legal obligation to repair the damage. This often represents substantial compensation amounts, which civil liability insurance protects you from having to assume.

This protection would also cover you if you had to defend yourself in court after being served a formal notice, alleging your civil liability. Your insurer would bear the expenses of your defence, including court costs and lawyer's fees.

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