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Benefits of our condo owners insurance



Pay $0 in rate increases for 24 months, even if you make a claim, thanks to our two-year policies.


Get your bikes and video games covered at no extra cost, regardless of their value.


Take advantage of the best water damage coverage on the market and tailor it to your needs.


Benefit from our superior coverage and get reimbursed for expenses not covered by your condominium syndicate's insurance policy for a loss affecting the building.


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Legal Access Insurance

For only $1 a week,
get support when faced with legal issues.

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What does condo owners insurance include?



Coverage levels that can be adjusted based on your needs

Basic Plus plan

This plan includes:

  • Basic coverage for your residence and its contents, in particular, against fire, theft, vandalism, wind and certain water damage (for example, you would be covered if a pipe on your dishwasher breaks, causing water damage)
  • Coverage for damage caused by smoke, fire, or an explosion that occurs after an earthquake
  • Civil liability coverage (which would cover you if, for example, your letter carrier accidentally fell and got hurt because you neglected to remove the ice in your entryway)
  • Comprehensive building coverage, which would enable you to be compensated for an accidental paint spill on your hardwood floor, for example.

Enhanced plan

The Enhanced plan offers some of the best coverage on the market. Looking for comprehensive coverage for all damages sustained to your home or its contents? This coverage is for you! For example, you would be covered if you broke your brand new flat screen television while trying to install it on the wall.



Specific coverage amounts for certain property items

The coverage amounts for certain types of property, such as jewellery or works of art, may be adjusted based on the value of the items.

Whether you have a few good bottles or an enviable wine cellar, we include attractive coverage amounts for wine and spirits in our Basic plan. An unlimited coverage amount is also available for these items.

Lastly, your bikes and video games are automatically covered without limitation, regardless of their value.


Advantageous add-ons that make all the difference

No matter what situation you are facing, we are by your side! Our assistance services are available to you for free or at a preferred rate :

How to file a claim in the event of a loss

If a covered loss occurs: We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will process your claim quickly and fairly.

See the tips below for dealing with the most common situations.

Civil liability


Glass breakage

Loss of food in your refrigerator or freezer

Pool damage

Theft and vandalism

Water damage

Wind, hail and freezing rain



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  • Special offer for young adults
  • Advantages for members of the public service

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Firm in Damage Insurance. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. 1. Savings apply to new two-year policies, including a promotion reimbursement by cheque or bank deposit.