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SAVE an average of $425 by bundling your insurance with us!1

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Advantages of insuring your house with La Capitale


Save an average of $425 by bundling your home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance.1


Get the right home insurance coverage at the right price! You can add, adjust or remove additional coverage and only pay for what you need.


Protect your professional materials (cameras, computers, electronic tablets, books, tools, etc.) with our free coverage.


Water damage coverage: Choose from among the best water damage coverage on the market and tailor it to your needs.


Pay a single deductible when a loss affects two or more insured items.


Protect your bikes regardless of their value and wherever you are in the world thanks to our coverage included at no extra charge.

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  • What does home insurance for homeowners cover?

  • Which optional coverages are available?

You can choose between 3 coverage levels that can be adjusted based on your needs

Basic plan, which usually applies to those with a modest home, with a good tolerance for risk and want as little insurance as possible.

It covers:

  • your residence and its contents in the event of damage caused by such things as fire, theft, vandalism, wind and certain types of water damage (e.g. dishwasher leak due to a pipe burst).
  • your civil liability for damage you could cause to other persons. For example, if your letter carrier accidentally fell on your icy driveway and got hurt, you would be covered.
  • damage associated with an earthquake, caused by smoke, fire or an explosion.

Coverage is also included for certain specific items:

  • Your bikes, CDs, DVDs and video games are automatically covered without limitation, regardless of their value.
  • You can get a good amount of free coverage for your wines and spirits, or opt for unlimited protection, if you have a valuable wine cellar.
  • You can adjust the coverage amounts for certain items, such as jewellery or works of art, based on their value.

Basic Plus plan, which, in addition to the coverage included in the Basic plan, also includes comprehensive building coverage.

So, you would be covered in the event of an accidental paint spill on your hardwood floor, for example.

Enhanced plan, which offers some of the best coverage on the market.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage for all damages sustained to your home or its contents. For example, you would be covered if, in the heat of the moment, a joystick went crashing through your television screen!
  • For homeowners over age 50, this option allows them to choose to either rebuild or get a cash payout in the event of total loss of their home.

Legal Access insurance

For a little over $1 a week, get access to financial support that allows you to be represented by a lawyer should you need one (e.g. latent defects, drawing up a will or protection mandate, family mediation sessions exceeding those assumed by the government).

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Claim forgiveness coverage

Avoid premium increases resulting from one or even two home insurance claims.

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Damage insurance agency. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. | 1. Source: June 2017 SOM survey of La Capitale clients who bundled at least two products among home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance. Average savings calculated using the declared amounts of 142 respondents who benefited from a savings. This amount is for information purposes only and does not guarantee savings.