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Consult a lawyer for just over $1 a week!

Our lawyers are experienced members of the Barreau du Québec. For over 25 years, they have made it their priority to help you understand the situation you are in and help however they can. No matter what the field of law, we will help you defend your rights.

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Good coverage for just pennies a day

For just over $1 a week, Legal Access Insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage that goes well beyond the legal consultation telephone service that all La Capitale clients can access for free.

Compare Legal Assistance and Legal Access Insurance

Comparison between Legal Assistance and Legal Access Insurance
Characteristics Legal assistance Legal access insurance
Cost/week $0 $1,10
Legal consultation service by telephone Included Included
Review of documents   Included
Consulting the lawyer of your choice   Included
Reimbursement of fees in the event of a covered dispute in any field of law: consumer issues, bodily injury and property damage, property and ownership, income security and labour   Included
Financial support for a small claims court or Régie du logement case   Included
Will, succession and mandate of incapacity   Included
Family mediation   Included

Wondering how Legal Access Insurance can help you?

Here's a situation covered by both your personal property insurance and your Legal Access Insurance.

The windows in the home you just bought were replaced by the former owner before selling. When water seepage damages your living room floor, you realize one of the windows is not well installed.

  • Under your personal property insurance contract, the Claims Department can compensate you for the damage to your floor.
  • The Legal Access Department can help you with the procedures for having the former owner pay the costs for proper installation of the living room window.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across Quebec have to deal with legal problems of some kind. We can lend a helping hand...just ask our clients!

Property and ownership

"When my spouse passed away, my Legal Access Insurance paid the notary fees for the settlement of the estate. A short while later, I received a formal notice from the person buying our house regarding a supposed hidden defect. The repair costs were $5,000. Legal Access Insurance allowed me to get help from a professional who could deal with the situation." - Jeannine, La Capitale client

"We bought a condo to fully take advantage of our retirement. I quickly realized that the condominium syndicate was not managing the building's affairs well. My Legal Access Insurance allowed me to get a lawyer who was able to decipher my co-ownership declaration and write a formal notice." - Roger, La Capitale client

Income security

"When I insured my motorcycle, I opted for Legal Access Insurance.… luckily! I suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident that prevented me from working. The SAAQ cut off my benefits, but I was able to contest their decision with the help of my Legal Access Insurance." - Mathieu, La Capitale client 

Consumer issues

"As a lawyer, I questioned whether I needed legal coverage. But when I was involved in a dispute while renovating my cottage, my doubts disappeared! My insurance covered legal and experts' fees in support of my case before the courts."   - Justine, La Capitale client

"We were completely helpless in this situation. But thanks to Legal Access Insurance, I was able to hire a lawyer who spoke directly to the contractor's lawyers." - Marie-Claude Jacques, La Capitale client

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Legal Access FAQ

Our team of lawyers has prepared this collection of responses to the most frequently asked questions. The responses provided are intended to give you a greater understanding of the features of your Legal Access insurance contract and the legal situations you may encounter.



  • If I sell my car to another person, what can I do to limit my liability?
  • Is it possible to get out of a long-term rental contract?


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  • I am renting an apartment, but I do not have a written lease. Do I have any rights?
  • Who pays for a fence or hedge separating two properties?

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Personal life

  • Am I, as a parent, still responsible for damage caused by my child?
  • If my common-law spouse dies without a will, will I inherit his property?


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