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You'd insure your car or home without thinking twice, right? So, why would you hesitate to take out life insurance?

6 reasons to take out life insurance

  1. Maintain your family's standard of living.
  2. Compensate for loss of income.
  3. Repay your debts.
  4. Pay expenses related to a death.
  5. Leave an inheritance to your loved ones.
  6. Have an extra cushion so you don't depend solely on your employer's insurance.

Permanent life insurance

Get lifelong coverage to protect your family and savings and cover the expenses you may leave behind.

Term life insurance

Get coverage for the time it takes to meet your specific financial needs while protecting your loved ones (10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30- or 35-year terms).

Universal life insurance

Combine the peace of mind of permanent life insurance coverage with the benefits of financial investments. The amounts accumulated in your investments are tax-sheltered, enabling you to build a healthy portfolio.

Get more coverage in one contract

Benefit from the bundling of insurance products at a budget-friendly cost.

Rent Insurance
Credit Protection (loan) Insurance
The Family Plan
Support Payment Insurance (PDF - 6 pages)

See our comparison table

Compare life insurance categories
  Term Life Insurance Permanent Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance
Description Affordable coverage for your temporary needs (e.g. mortgage, birth of a child) Coverage in the event of death to ensure you can meet your financial needs throughout your life (e.g. cash flow, income replacement). Permanent, comprehensive, flexible and accessible coverage that can be used as a fund for non-registered savings in order to build tax-sheltered retirement income.
Other coverage available Critical illness, disability Critical illness, disability Disability
Term 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years Coverage guaranteed for life Coverage guaranteed for life
Guaranteed insured amount Yes
Minimum : $25,000
Minimum : $10,000
Minimum : $10,000
Guaranteed premium Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
Cash surrender value No, except for
20.10 Protection
Yes1 Yes1
Links More information about term insurance More information about permanent insurance More information about universal insurance
1 Some conditions apply.


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Get advice on insurance, savings and investments

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