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You could save $75 on your trailer insurance1

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  • You could save $75 on your trailer insurance.1 Also transfer your other insurance policies with La Capitale and you could save a total average of $425!1
  • Enjoy year-round coverage, even when you aren't on the campground.
  • $5,000 of free coverage for personal property inside your RV or on site.
  • Payment for personal property based on its replacement value in case of covered loss.
  • Free coverage for permanent fixtures (e.g. a shed).
  • With the $0 deductible option, there is no deductible payable in the event of a loss.
  • THANKS Loyalty Program: As soon as you become a client, benefit from privileges that add up over the years!

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  • You'll receive excellent service: 96% of our clients would choose us again.2
  • If a covered loss occurs: We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will process your claim quickly and fairly.
  • Get psychological help from professionals to overcome problems you may experience following a covered loss.

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Damage insurance agency. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. 1. Source: June 2017 SOM survey of 1,168 La Capitale clients who bought at least one product among home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance. $75 average savings calculated using the declared amounts of respondents who benefited from a savings on their trailer insurance. $425 average savings calculated using the declared amounts of respondents who benefited from a savings by bundling at least two products. These amounts are for information purposes only and do not guarantee savings. 2. Source: CROP survey of 600 clients with home and auto claims, May 2014.