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SecuriGlobe, Canada's leading Travel insurance provider, is a partner of choice of La Capitale. Its mission is to protect travellers’ interests at every stage of its experience. Get an insurance coverage that's tailored to your needs and at a competitive price!

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Get Travel insurance that's tailored to your needs!

In a single call, you can compare what 14 insurers have to offer and get the best rates for the insurance you need. Our partner, SecuriGlobe, offers coverage that's suitable for all types of travellers: Snowbird insurance, Travel Medical, All-inclusive insurance or Trip Cancellation.

SecuriGlobe's multi-insurer model enables it to offer:

  • The best products and rates based on age and health
  • Unique service that's tailored to suit the needs and individual situation of each traveller
  • Interpretation of the policy clauses based on the medical conditions that specifically apply to each client
  • Negotiation of discounts and benefits to which clients are entitled, companion and loyalty discounts, etc.
  • A personalized medical assessment service
  • Client involvement and assistance at the time of a claim.

Why purchase Travel insurance?

  1. Unexpected situations may arise before and during your trip. Divorce, job loss, serious injury or even the death of a loved one could suddenly interfere with your travel plans. With Travel insurance, you're covered in the event of financial loss due to medical expenses incurred in Canada or abroad.
  2. RAMQ reimburses the cost of hospital services provided in relation to a sudden illness or an accident, based on the established amounts indicated below. However, as indicated in the RAMQ information section below, the bill can be very high. Travel insurance offsets the amounts not reimbursed by RAMQ:
    • Up to CAN$100 per day of hospitalization
    • Up to CAN$50 per day for health care received at a hospital outpatient clinic.
  3. You may be in for some surprises with the coverage provided by a credit card. The coverage period is often very short, which is not practical if you're intending to spend the winter somewhere warm. What's more, the coverage amounts are generally low. Contact your bank for information on the terms and conditions of the Travel insurance provided under your credit card.
  4. If you are enrolled in a group insurance plan offered by your company, it may include certain limitations. For example, in certain cases, Baggage coverage is not very high, or emergency medical expenses are only reimbursed up to a certain percentage of the total amount of expenses incurred. It's important for you to read over the terms and conditions of your Travel insurance plan prior to the start of your trip.

RAMQ information

RAMQ  recommends that citizens take out private insurance prior to the start of their trip. It's important for you to know that, when travelling abroad, you leave up to 90% of your government health insurance plan behind. If you are travelling outside Quebec, RAMQ covers only a limited portion of medical costs. In addition, government health plans do not provide coverage for certain services (air ambulance or emergency dental services, for instance). If you do not have private insurance when receiving health care outside Quebec, you will be responsible for the portion of expenses not reimbursed by RAMQ. Moreover, RAMQ provides no assistance service or coverage in the event of trip cancellation or a baggage loss. 

Hospitalization insurance

  • RAMQ provides reimbursement only for care received in relation to a sudden illness or an emergency situation (e.g. an accident).
  • If the person requires emergency hospitalization, RAMQ pays a maximum of $100 per day of hospitalization (including day surgery).
  • If the person receives care at a hospital outpatient clinic or emergency department (without being admitted to hospital), RAMQ pays a maximum of $50 for the care provided.

Services not covered 

Certain healthcare services provided outside Quebec are not covered by the government health plan. Here are a few examples:

  • Any medical service not covered in Quebec
  • Services rendered by a health professional other than a doctor, a dentist or an optometrist
  • The cost of a private or semi-private hospital room
  • Emergency ground or air transportation
  • Expenses for repatriation to Quebec
  • Drugs purchased outside Quebec, even if prescribed by a physician (before leaving Quebec, persons who regularly take prescription drugs can ask their pharmacist whether they may obtain the drugs they will need during their absence).

Examples of the portion of expenses for which travellers without private insurance are responsible

These examples are taken from the RAMQ website.

Example 1: Amount reimbursed by RAMQ when an insured consults a general practitioner in Florida
  Amount charged Amount reimbursed by RAMQ Amount for which the patient is responsible
Professional services CAN$75  CAN$ 16.60  CAN$58.40


Example 2 : Amount reimbursed by RAMQ when an insured is hospitalized in intensive care for three days in Florida following a heart attack
  Amount charged Amount reimbursed by RAMQ Amount for which the patient is responsible
Hospital services CAN$25,000 $300 (CAN$100 per day) CAN$24,700
Professional services CAN$1,000 CAN$435 CAN$1,565
Total CAN$26,000 CAN$735 CAN$26,265


Example 3 : Amount reimbursed by RAMQ when an insured is hospitalized for eight days in South Carolina for pneumonia
  Amount charged Amount reimbursed by RAMQ Amount for which the patient is responsible
Hospital services CAN$27,493 $800 (CAN$100 per day) CAN$26,693
Professional services CAN$10,543 CAN$1,103 CAN$9,440
Total CAN$38,036 CAN$1,903 CAN$36,133


Snowbirds : SOLIS Travel Insurance


Are you planning an extended stay at a sun destination? With SOLIS Travel Insurance, you get simple, affordable coverage so you can travel worry free. Purchase SOLIS coverage today, and you'll get a plan that's tailored to your needs. 

Family: SOLIS+ Travel Insurance


Illness, accidents or loss of baggages ans personal effects can interrupt travel plans at any time. With SOLIS+, you're covered, regardless of where you are travelling. Go anywhere with full peace of mind

Get the best rates for your Travel insurance!

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