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Guarantee your mortgage rate for up to 90 days against increases before you take possession of your new home. Your rate may also be automatically adjusted in the event of a decrease in the interest rates.* You win every time!

  • Fixed-rate mortgage loan
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage loan
  • HBP loan
Posted mortgage interest rate*
6 month convertible 4.400%
1 year open 6.790%
1 year closed 3.790%
2 year closed 3.890%
3 year closed 4.290%
4 year closed 4.790%
57 months closed 5.190%
5 year closed 5.190%

* Public service employees and retirees can take advantage of the preferred interest rate on all new mortgage loans. These rates are available to new clients. Contact us for more information.

Rate automatically adjusted every 3 or 12 months for 5 years.

Interest rate at time of adjustment *
3 months 3.040 %
12 months 3.390 %

* Posted mortgage interest rate less 0.40%

HBP loans (Home Buyers' Plan)
Interest rate 4,000%

Standard interest rate loan for individuals

Posted interest rate for individuals

Variable interest rate

See the rate history

5.600 %

La Capitale Prime Interest Rate

Variable interest rate

See the rate history

4.850 %

*Your mortgage rate may be decreased, if upon receipt of the Loan Application, the lender's interest rate for a similar term is lower than the guaranteed rate. Certain conditions apply.

If interest rates published on this site differ from those in the official list from La Capitale Financial Group Inc., the official list published by La Capitale Financial Group Inc. shall prevail.

Interest rates are subject to change at any time without notice.