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Two ways to save time using our online services!


The Client Centre online services allow you to easily manage, from anywhere and at any time, all your La Capitale products, from a claim request to checking your electronic statements.

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Thanks to your mobile phone and the La Capitale app, making your claims including prescription drug and dental care insurance claims have become child’s play!


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View information on your La Capitale products


Group insurance

Get access to:

  • Claim information
  • Your insurance plan and insured amounts
  • Your cumulative amounts for tax purposes and various forms
  • Your group insurance information (booklet or contract)
  • Your online payment statements
  • Your service card in order to print it


Home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance

  • Get easy access to your insurance contracts, 24 hours a day
  • File an automobile claim
  • Follow up on your claims
  • Print your auto insurance certificates
  • Notify us when you store your car or motorhome, or take it out of storage
  • Take advantage of these services wherever you are, thanks to a mobile-optimized display


Life and Health Insurance

  • View the summary of your life and health insurance files
  • Access your contracts' annual statements
  • Receive notice by email informing you of the availability of your statements


La Capitale Stow & Grow Account

  • Keep track of the funds you’ve set aside for your projects in your high-interest savings account
  • Deposit, transfer or withdraw your funds
  • Set up periodic bank transfers or enrol in payroll deduction
  • View your monthly bank transactions


Savings and investments

  • View the current status of your savings and investment products
  • Access your account balances and transaction statements
  • Sign up for electronic statements


Mortgage loans and financing

  • View the balance of your mortgage loan
  • Manage your transfers from accounts or institutions
  • Pay your property taxes

Fast and practical: the La Capitale mobile app


Group insurance

Already have La Capitale group insurance?


Submit your prescription drug, medical and paramedical claims by attaching photos of your receipts.


Provide your personal information and the information for your insureds a single time only.

Home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance

In the event of an accident or a loss, we’re by your side.


Fill out your electronic joint report.


Monitor your insurance claims.

The Client Centre online services