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Access the Client Centre's online services

By using the secure online services in the Client Centre, you can access all your La Capitale products when it suits you! No matter where you are, once you log on, you can manage all your products on this site. The user-friendly Client Centre allows one-stop service for rapidly managing your La Capitale products by yourself. But if you do need help, we're there for you!

Overview of products and services:


Manage your messages and profile

The Client Centre notifies you when a situation regarding one of your products requires your attention. You can access the message box and manage your profile to make changes in your contact information.


Do you have a home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance?

Consult your insurance contracts, report that an automobile or motorhome has been put in storage or taken out of storage or request a copy of your insurance certificates through the Client Centre. You can also file an auto insurance claim and monitor home and auto insurance claims.


Do you want to save for special projects?

Start saving today with the La Capitale Stow & Grow Account, a 100% made in Quebec high-interest savings account, which you can access on line through the Client Centre. This savings vehicle helps you put money aside for your special projects! You can set up preauthorized periodic transfers, view your balance and do as many transactions as you wish, without service fees. Don't have a La Capitale Stow & Grow Account yet? Open one using the Client Centre. It's also offered as a TFSA.


Looking to invest?

La Capitale has a full range of savings and investment products. With one click you can view your balance, your account statements or the forms you need for tax reports in the Client Centre. Track your investments anytime.


Is La Capitale your group insurance provider at work?

View the balance for healthcare professionals, details of any claims, your electronic payment statements, your group insurance contract booklet, the status and amounts of your coverage and various forms at a glance.

This function is not yet available for all groups, but will be in the coming period. Your group will be notified when it has been activated.


Your La Capitale mortgage

La Capitale's Chameleon product is ideal for purchasing a home. By paying back your loan more quickly, you have money available for other projects. Among other things, you can manage transfers from accounts or institutions, view your balance and pay your municipal taxes on line.


Do you have an individual insurance policy?

Take advantage of the Client Centre's online services for your life and health insurance needs. View a summary of your life, health or long-term care insurance coverages and receive notice by email informing you of the availability of your statement.



Verified and secure

At La Capitale, we respect your privacy. We know how important it is to keep your personal information confidential and secure. That is why we have implemented safeguards to protect your personal information. Rest assured that our Personal Information Protection Policy is in keeping with current standards

Frequently asked questions

How come I can't use my email address as a Client Centre username?

This option will be available shortly to make login to Client Centre easier. Work is underway to allow Client Centre users to use their email address or username to confirm their identities.

Do you have any suggestions on how to remember the username assigned to me by Client Centre?

For help in remembering the username provided by Client Centre, we suggest that you check the “Store this username” box present in the login screen. This function will allow you to personalize your username so that you no longer have to enter it when logging in to your Client Centre account from the same computer.

Why does the password have to be complicated?

It is one of the safeguards La Capitale, as a responsible financial institution, has put in place in order to ensure the safety and security of your personal and financial information.

Once registered to Client Centre, will I be able to continue receiving a paper copy of my contract?

Yes. If you wish so, you will continue to receive a paper copy of your insurance contract. Registering for our online services also allows you to take advantage of various benefits, such as accessing your insurance documents  file at any time, filing an auto insurance claim, monitoring your claims or notifying us that you have put your vehicle in storage or put it back on the road.

What do I need to do if I wish to no longer receive a paper copy of my contract?

To no longer receive a paper copy of your contract, simply check the “Online Contract Only” box present in your Client Centre account. That way, only the necessary documents will be sent to you by mail.

You will no longer need to file, sort and look for your insurance documents and will be able to easily download and archive it in your computer. Also, by choosing this option, renewal notifications and other communications concerning your insurance contracts will be sent through your Client Centre account.

Access the Client Centre's online services