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Get the right coverage at the right price!

  1. First, you choose the level of coverage that best meets your needs, based on your type of residence, the property you own and your level of risk tolerance.
  2. Then, you adjust the coverage amounts of your goods (i.e. jewelry, furs, works of art, etc.) to suit your needs.

With the Personalized Form, you will only pay for coverage that you really need!

Flexible coverage against water damage

Get some of the best water damage coverage in the industry. You can then add or deduct the coverage you want, for example water seepage through the floor, roof, windows - or other sources of seepage - a water supply lines breakage and sewer back-up.

Levels of coverage offered


The Basic coverage usually applies to those with a modest home, with a strong tolerance for risk and want as little insurance as possible. In addition to basic coverage (including your residence and its contents against fires, theft, vandalism, wind and certain water damage), this plan also includes civil liability coverage. For example, if your mailman accidentally fell on your frozen entrance and got hurt, you would be covered. The Basic plan would also cover you if a pipe on your dishwasher burst, causing water damage.

Basic Plus:

The Basic Plus plan includes comprehensive building coverage in addition to the one offered in the Basic plan. So, you would be compensated for an accidental paint spill on your hardwood floor, for example.


The Enhanced plan offers some of the best coverage on the market. Looking for comprehensive coverage for all damages sustained to your home or its contents? This coverage is for you! For example, you would be covered if, in the heat of the moment, a joystick went crashing through your television screen!

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