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Home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance: 1 888 522-5260

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Life and health insurance, savings and loans: 1 855 896-9495

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Home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance

  • SAVE up to $1001 on all new home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance.
  • An additional discount of up to 19% for you as a public service employee or retiree
  • Get additional discounts on your auto, home or leisure vehicle insurance as a La Capitale partner group member.

Life and health insurance

SAVE UP TO $1002 on all new life and health insurance

Savings and investments

Exclusive interest rate during RRSP campaign

Mortgage loans

  • Exclusive interest rate
  • First Home package: Get free home and Legal Access Insurance with first mortgage loans

We keep things simple for you

  • Payroll deduction available3 : we know you have a lot of things to think about. That's why we offer payroll deduction, which spares you from having to manage your savings, premium payments or contributions.
  • On-site financial security advisor available in most workplaces
  • Get an accurate projection of your retirement income, with the help of specialized tools created to analyze public service retirement plans
  • Free financial education sessions including those to help you plan your retirement

We take care of you and your family

  • Free accident and accidental death insurance : we want to be there for you and your family through the most difficult times. Life is precious, so we want to help lighten your load in the event of accidental death.
  • Maxi-Privilege, accidental death insurance, with a guaranteed insured amount of $5,000 offered free of charge to members of the Quebec public service with home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance with La Capitale.
  • Get free access to the Best Buds program, accident coverage completely free of charge for 24 months for children underage 6.

Airmedic family coverage

Ensure your safety and that of your family members, throughout Quebec

Roadside assistance

Our complete roadside assistance services are available to you for free or at a preferred rate

Legal Access Insurance

You can have peace of mind in the event of legal issues, for a low fee


La Capitale Financial Services, a financial services firm. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.

  1. Maximum reimbursement of $100 per product, applied to new two-year home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance policies. Promotion reimbursement by cheque or bank deposit. Some conditions apply.
  2. The premium refund of up to $100 is available for eligible clients, i.e. Quebec public administration and public service employees and their spouses. An eligible client is any person who holds La Capitale life, health or travel insurance, savings or investments products, a mortgage loan, or is insured under a group insurance plan with La Capitale. The total premium of the new life insurance contract must be a minimum of $500. A cheque will be sent to the contractholder in the 60 days after the contract is issued.
  3. You can spread out your payments based on the number of pay periods using this method of payment. It is secure, free and can be maintained at retirement. To be eligible, you must work for or be a retiree of a participating employer.

Home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance: 1 888 522-5260

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Life and health insurance, savings and loans: 1 855 896-9495

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