Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)


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4 great reasons to tip the scales towards our RRSPs


Guaranteed Capital1

100% in the event of death for investment accounts



Designation of a beneficiary of choice



Contributions covered by Assuris of up to $100,000



Diversifying your portfolio on a global scale thanks to our savvy selection of renowned investment management companies

Preauthorised debit

to contribute to your RRSP efficiently and take advantage of the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), if applicable.

Free personalized service

and access to a La Capitale partner financial security advisor.

Get a reduction on your taxable income now while you save for your retirement later!

Products available for your RRSP

Guaranteed investment certificates (GIC)

Take advantage of competitive returns through guaranteed investments at fixed or variable interest rates.

Investment accounts

Take advantage of the returns from a market index, mutual investment funds or a portfolio of mutual investment funds.

Deferred life annuity (LifeAnew)

Enjoy the advantages of an RRSP and retirement income that's 100% guaranteed for life.

Investment funds

Diversify your portfolio by choosing from a wide range of mutual funds and segregated funds.

What's the difference between a TFSA and an RRSP?

TFSA/RRSP comparison
Objective Savings for short- and medium-term projects Retirement savings
Contribution age limit None Age 71
Annual contribution limit $5,500 18% of earned income, up to $21,000, less the pension adjustment
Contributions are deductible on your income tax return No Yes
Withdrawals are taxable No Yes


Interest rates

Refer to the service and transaction fee information



Quebec public service employees and retirees: Exclusive advantages are in store for you!

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For a real heavy-hitting RRSP strategy

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1.For any deposits made into La Capitale investment accounts before age 75. Certain conditions apply.