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Guaranteed Capital1

100% in the event of death for investment accounts



Designation of a beneficiary of choice



Contributions covered by Assuris of up to $100,000



A 3% bonus on the base interest rate during the first yearon Equity Index GICs2

Exclusive payroll deduction

option available free of charge to contribute to your RRSP efficiently and take advantage of the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), if applicable.

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at your workplace.

You can also benefit from your financial security advisor's expertise to:

  • develop a personalized financial strategy
  • get a detailed explanation of your retirement plans (Retraite Quebec, QPP, etc.)
  • get a projection of your retirement income (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.)
  • get RRSPs tailored to your financial situation

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1. For any deposits made into La Capitale investment accounts before age 75. Certain conditions apply. | 2. Applicable to 10-year Equity Index GICs. The first-year bonus will be converted into a level annual bonus over the term selected, i.e. bonus of +0.30%/year for the new money. Some conditions apply. 

New money: Means new contributions or transfers from another financial institution.