Service and transaction fees

Service fees
Description Details Fees
Copies Savings statement (if issued 30 days after mailing the first statement) $10
  • Tax receipt
  • GIC
  • Contract
  • Tax slip
  • None
Written confirmations
  • Any detailed search
  • Rapid microfiche search
  • $25/hour, minimum 1 hour
  • $10
Miscellaneous Photocopy of deposited cheque (fees are reimbursed if endorsement was fraudulent) $20


Transaction fees
Description Details Fees
Withdrawal Cash $15
Back-end load RRSP, RRIF and TFSA (transfer to another institution) $65
LIRA and LIF (transfer to another institution) $50
Closure RRSP and RRIF (transfer to another institution) $25
Miscellaneous NSF cheque None