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Many people search for a career outside the daily 9-5 routine, where they can make their own decisions. They want independence, compensation that rewards their efforts and authentic human experiences. Everything that the profession of financial security advisor intrapreneur offers.

10 reasons to start your own business

Self-employed with a flexible schedule


Development of personal and professional potential


Strongly supported by a team of experienced specialists


Recognition programs highlighting success


Specialized, continuous training


A profession with a future


Above-average income using our winning formula to success


The fulfillment of contributing to people's wealth


Lots of opportunities for creativity


Inspiring, innovative environment, constantly evolving

A financial security advisor's role

A financial security advisor intrapreneur’s role is to be at the service of his or her clients.

These advisors develop business relationships and prospective clients with the goal of helping them through various happy events—such as marriage, the birth of a child or the purchase of a home—and the unexpected ones such as the inability to work due to illness. All these events can change a client’s financial situation.





  • Target market
  • The tasks
  • The mindset

Our target market

Quebec public service employees

La Capitale financial security advisors are privileged to have direct access to these clients as well as serving the general public.

Plus, they are the only ones in the market who have tools that are specifically designed for the pension plans and working conditions of these clients. For this reason, they receive mandatory training based on the ins and outs of the public and parapublic sectors. They are then qualified to analyze these clients’ financial situations, give sound advice and offer the products and services needed to ensure the financial security of clients and their families.

The tasks

  • Support clients in achieving their financial goals
  • Work out solutions
  • Simplify financial jargon
  • Monitor clients' financial situation
  • Develop and build a client network

The mindset

  • Human touch: builds personal and professional relationships naturally
  • Insight: listens actively and has analytical skills
  • Optimism: sets goals, wants to learn and exceed expectations
  • Perseverance: works hard and sticks to it
  • Ambition: constantly looks for ways to build a client base

The path to becoming a financial security advisor


  • Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) courses
  • Customized tutoring for obtaining an Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) licence
  • AMF licence


  • Assessment of market development potential
  • Development strategy planning


  • Both theory and practice
  • Mentoring form the director
  • 100% of earnings from Day 1


  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Personal coaching
  • Development support


  • Acquisition and development of a book of business from our targeted clients
  • Integration in a targeted market
  • Development and growth of the firm's book of business

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