La Capitale launches the 6th annual Recognition Awards


Quebec City, September 8, 2020 – La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services pays tribute to its founding clients, Quebec public service employees, with the Recognition Awards.


The goal of the awards is to recognize exceptional individuals in the Quebec public administration and public service who make a real difference in their environment by improving the quality of life of fellow citizens or colleagues. The winners in each of the five categories will be awarded a prize of $2,500.


Due to the pandemic, this year’s Recognition Awards are even more special. The COVID-19 public health crisis has shone a spotlight on the essential work of Quebec public administration and public service employees.


Do you know one of these dedicated people who make a real difference in their workplace? We invite you to submit a nomination at .

Through the Recognition Awards we can discover the gems in each of the following categories:


  • Employees of ministries, public agencies or crown corporations
  • Employees in the public education system
  • Employees in public health and social services
  • Employees in the municipal sector
  • Members of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ)


Winners of the fifth annual Recognition Awards


The Recognition Award for the category of ministries, public agencies or crown corporations was awarded to Kimberly Marin Rousseau, a counsellor at the Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission in Montreal. Ms. Marin Rousseau contributed to bringing about a law that protects young women and female students throughout Quebec.


In the category of the public education system, the Recognition Award was given to Hugues Brouillet, who teaches philosophy at the Lanaudière regional CEGEP, in L'Assomption. Mr. Brouillet is much appreciated by his students due to the innovative and dynamic teaching approach he uses to make this subject more accessible.

Manon Thibault, who is a crossing guard in Montreal, earned the Recognition Award for the municipal sector category. Ms. Thibault is well known in the community for the love and generosity that she pours into her work.


In the public health and social services sector, the Recognition Award prize went to Geneviève Clements, a psychoeducator at the Estrie integrated university health and social services centre in Sherbrooke. Ms. Clements has an amazing ability to step out of her comfort zone. She initiates projects that spread awareness of her institution throughout the province.


The special prize for a member of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé (FIQ) was awarded to Claudie Auger-Chénard, a nurse at the university hospital centre in Quebec City. Ms. Auger-Chénard is a role model for the nursing profession and has developed training to meet the needs of her working environment.


And last but not least, the jury’s Our Choice award was given to Feten Karai, a nurse at Hôpital de L’Enfant-Jésus in Quebec City. The jury was swayed by the creativity shown by Ms. Karia in developing an onboarding routine that allows her colleagues to get an overview of her department’s specific tasks.


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