An exclusive, new product unlike anything else on the market LifeAnew Retirement income that's 100% guaranteed for life

Quebec City, June 2, 2010 – La Capitale Financial Group recently launched LifeAnew: An exclusive deferred life annuity unlike anything else on the market, which provides a retirement income that is 100% guaranteed for life and sheltered from fluctuations in global financial markets. The LifeAnew financial product is a La Capitale exclusive designed to provide retirees with a monthly income, even past age 100.

Retirement income that's 100% guaranteed for life!

"The LifeAnew Deferred Life Annuity is offered exclusively by La Capitale Financial Group. This product was designed to meet the specific needs of individuals age 40 to 60. By investing a set annual amount divided into monthly payments or an annual lump-sum contribution over a minimum accumulation period of 10 years, clients can build up a retirement income or income supplement that is 100% guaranteed for life. La Capitale is the only insurance company offering this type of annuity, which can be purchased with periodic payments," said Steven Ross, Executive Vice-President, Individual Insurance and Annuities at La Capitale.

Making your dreams come true

It is estimated that future generations of retirees will need at least 70% of their average gross annual income earned in the three years preceding retirement to maintain their standard of living. This percentage rises significantly for retirees who plan to pursue special plans and projects of any kind.

"LifeAnew helps partially or fully offset any loss of income as a result of partial indexation of employer-sponsored pension funds coordinated with the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). This deferred life annuity is also an ideal solution for employees who started contributing to their pension plan mid-career and want to increase their retirement income or set up a defined benefit pension plan that is 100% guaranteed for life," added Mr. Ross.

Improve your quality of life

LifeAnew provides financial security to protect against factors that can erode retirement savings and adversely affect a family's quality of life, such as:

  • A drop in the number of workers contributing to public pension plans.
  • The impending reform to federal and provincial pension plans.
  • Fluctuations in global financial markets affecting RRSP investments during contribution years.
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Inflation
  • Health status

Simple and secure

LifeAnew is a simple and secure solution that protects investors' retirement savings against fluctuations in stock markets and economic crises. True to its name, this deferred life annuity gives investors a new lease on life and the satisfaction of knowing they can secure lifelong financial independence.

In addition, the amounts invested in this deferred life annuity are tax-deductible as RRSP contributions. Annuity payments are guaranteed by La Capitale and Assuris subject to the limits authorized by Assuris.

Peace of mind and no management fees

La Capitale's mutual status enables public service employees to take advantage of Payroll Deduction Privilege. Employees can deduct LifeAnew contributions directly from their salary, with no management fees. In fact, all La Capitale clients can take advantage of preauthorized payment with no management fees.

About La Capitale

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The fact sheet for this product is available at the product page.