La Capitale principal partner of the 2012 fire prevention campaign

Quebec City, October 4, 2012 – La Capitale is proud to once again sponsor Fire Prevention Week, which runs from October 7 to 13, 2012. As an insurer that cares about protecting what really counts for its clients and the population as a whole, La Capitale General Insurance has renewed its commitment to exemplify corporate social responsibility with respect to fire prevention.

Our evacuation plan is good to go!

That is this year's Fire Prevention Week theme. According to statistics, most fires are due to negligence. The objective of the campaign is therefore to heighten awareness of the importance of preparing a fire evacuation plan and practice it by staging drills. Functional smoke detectors must be present to warn people of danger, but the people must react quickly and appropriately once the alarm sounds!

October 10 — Fire Drill Day

La Capitale encourages all Quebec residents to participate in the drill, which will be conducted throughout the province! For full details of this year's fire prevention campaign, visit  ico_OpenNewWindow.gif.

Risk Prevention

La Capitale General Insurance, as a responsible insurer, understands that its role goes beyond providing benefits to its clients in the event of a claim. Because the best protection consists of guarding against risks, La Capitale considers it a duty to promote prevention. For example, it offers reduced rates to clients who install an alarm system that's connected to a central monitoring station. As it has done for over 20 years now, La Capitale supports and encourages everyone to participate in the Fire Prevention Week activities.

About La Capitale General Insurance

A subsidiary of La Capitale Civil Service Mutual, La Capitale General Insurance is experiencing impressive growth and now ranks among the three largest property and casualty insurers in Quebec. It also owns other insurance companies, including L’Unique General Insurance in Quebec and Unica Insurance in the rest of Canada. It employs over 1,000 individuals and generates some $743.5 million in written premiums.