La Capitale unveils VIVA Workplace Health and Wellness Program for small companies

Quebec City, November 19, 2012 – La Capitale has launched a version of its Good for you! health and wellness program that is adapted specifically to the needs of small companies so that these clients may also share in its benefits.

For many years now, companies in Canada with La Capitale group insurance have enjoyed the positive results of the Good for you! health and wellness program, which offers various activities and tools for developing healthy lifestyle habits at work.

From big to small companies

Until recently, the Good for you! program was limited to companies with 100 employees or more with La Capitale group insurance coverage. Now small companies covered by La Capitale group insurance can take advantage of the program, which has been adapted to their reality. "This development allows smaller companies and their employees to enjoy the positive benefits of the Good for you! program. It's a contribution to improving the quality of life for more employees insured by La Capitale," explained Dean Bergeron, Director of Marketing and Health and Wellness Promotion.

A unique turnkey program

Employees tend to demand more from their jobs today. On the other hand, employers seek means of attracting and retaining skilled personnel. The Good for you! program addresses both of these needs. It promotes healthy lifestyle habits at work and has a positive effect on the whole company. The Good for you! program engages current employees and also helps to attract and retain new personnel.

Tools designed by the experts

Included among the tools offered by this unique program adapted to small and medium companies are monthly health and wellness bulletins, webinars, an annual health and wellness challenge, support and promotional material, as well as tools for evaluating health risks. The program content was developed by workplace health and wellness experts.

The simple, structured Good for you! program for small companies offers specific tools for promoting the health and wellness of employees. These companies are the main beneficiaries. The quality of life at work is improved because the program contributes to reducing the rate of disability and absenteeism, two costly problems experienced by many companies, that are often due to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

About La Capitale Financial Group

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