La Capitale General Insurance and Airmedic: A new partnership to save lives!

Quebec, February 1, 2013 - La Capitale General Insurance and Airmedic are proud to announce their new partnership, which will enable many insureds to take advantage of no-fee emergency medical assistance by helicopter or airplane, available 24/7/365 throughout Quebec.

Starting in May 2013, all clients who have a snowmobile or leisure vehicle insurance policy and another home or auto insurance policy with La Capitale will have access to free Airmedic protection worth $120. Insureds with coverage under a single policy – home, auto or recreational vehicle insurance – will be able to obtain an Airmedic card at the preferred rate of $45.

A bigger safety net!

"At La Capitale, we're not content to just offer auto insurance. We want to do more by being the only property and casualty insurer to offer Airmedic protection, at little or no expense to our clients. We do this to show them how much we value their safety," said Constance Lemieux, President and Chief Operating Officer of La Capitale General Insurance.

"All snowmobilers and leisure vehicle enthusiasts owe it to themselves to have Airmedic protection, declared Christian Trudeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Airmedic. In fact, anyone who lives, works or enjoys recreational activities far away from a major hospital should have an Airmedic card. This partnership with La Capitale brings excellent news to its clients. We will be delighted to count them among our subscribers."

About Airmedic

Airmedic ( ico_OpenNewWindow.gif ) is the only company in Quebec that offers emergency helicopter and airplane medical services to individuals and businesses throughout the province. It also transfers patients between hospitals and transports organs and organ recipients. Founded in May 2012 with the financial support of Mr. Stéphan Huot, Airmedic has 100 employees, six operations bases (in Saguenay, Quebec City, the Laurentians, Montreal, Chibougamau and the Eastern Townships), and a fleet of aircraft, all fitted out with flight-certified medical equipment.

About La Capitale General Insurance

A subsidiary of La Capitale Civil Service Mutual, La Capitale General Insurance is experiencing impressive growth and as a result now ranks third among property and casualty insurers in Quebec. It also owns other insurance companies, including L’Unique General Insurance in Quebec and Unica Insurance in Ontario. It employs over 1,000 individuals and generates some $743.5 million in written premiums.