La Capitale's IT infrastructures team receives a prestigious Octas award

Quebec City, May 27, 2013 – On Saturday, May 25, La Capitale's technology infrastructures team won the 2013 OCTAS award in the Infrastructure category – 3,000 employees or less, for its “Technology infrastructure migration and consolidation” project.

It was with great pride and delight that Jean-Pierre Boutet, Vice-President of Technological Infrastructures of La Capitale Financial Group mounted the podium at the Montreal convention centre, in front of some 1,000 invited guests, to receive the prestigious award. More than 100 companies had submitted projects, and 68 finalists were among the various categories. "Setting up the new IT centre and migrating all the equipment was quite a challenge. Concentrating the technology infrastructure of all La Capitale sectors in a single data processing centre, without interrupting the service necessary to the Company's daily operations and without losing any data, was no easy task! We managed to pull it off by creating a sturdy and innovative model. The outcome required enormous perseverance on the part of all involved, and we owe this achievement to a solid and committed team that could rely on the support of its managers," said Mr.  Boutet.

A year's work

This award highlights the accomplishment of a project that the team worked on for over a year, although the work peaked between the months of May and December 2012. It was eight months of very hard work that La Capitale's technology infrastructures team did 24/7. "All these people were much more than IT specialists. The 1,400 employees who moved into the new head office building have benefited from the extensive knowledge of these experts, so committed and focused on their craft," added Mr.  Boutet.

Recognition of peers

"It is gratifying for me that our IT industry peers recognize the scope and complexity of this project. We are proud to receive this award, because it is an acknowledgement for the dozens of people who worked so devotedly on the project," said Mr. Boutet. The vice-president went on to thank all the technological infrastructure team members who played a role in this significant accomplishment.

The Réseau Action TI has organized the OCTAS gala event annually since 1987. The OCTAS competition is a unique opportunity for recognizing excellence in information technology (IT). It allows individuals, companies and organizations to demonstrate their drive, know-how and creativity to the entire IT industry.

About La Capitale

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