Three investors acquire AGA Financial Group

October 1,  2013 – A new  team of  shareholders  made  up  of  Martin  Papillon,  Chantal  Dufresne  and Gabriel
Gagnon, all of whom are well known in the Quebec insurance and financial services industry, has acquired
AGA  Financial  Group,  held  by  La  Capitale  Insurance  and  Financial  Services  since  2005.  This  transaction
takes effect today.

“We were looking for a good business opportunity, and that is what we have found in AGA Financial Group. As far as
human, financial  and  technological  resources  are  concerned,  the  strengths  of  this  well-structured  organization  are
undeniable. We are highly motivated to take on this challenge”, said Martin Papillon, the company's new President
and Chief Executive Officer.

"The unsolicited purchase offer for AGA Financial Group prompted some reflection concerning AGA's future as part
of La Capitale Financial Group. We concluded that in the Group Insurance market, we want to remain active as an
insurer and not as a distributor. We wish them the best success in the future," said Steven Ross, President and Chief
Operating Officer, Life and Health Insurance and Financial Services sector, at La Capitale Financial Group.

About AGA Financial Group
Since its inception in 1978, AGA Financial Group has helped clients across Canada develop and administer tailor-
made  group  insurance  plans.  Its  clients  include  small-,  medium- and  large-size  businesses,  as  well as  financial
security and group insurance consultants wishing to make a group insurance plan available to their clients. AGA has
a  Quebec-wide  distribution  network  with  some  90 employees,  offices  in  Montreal  and  Quebec  City,  and
approximately 1,500 clients.

About La Capitale Financial Group
La Capitale  Financial  Group has  a  strong  presence  across  Quebec  and  throughout  Canada. With  over
2,900 employees, agents and advisors, and guided by the values of mutualism on which it was founded, La Capitale
works  with  clients  to  build,  protect  and  value  what  they  feel  counts  for  their  financial  security.  It  offers  insurance
products  and  financial  services  to  the  general  public  as  well  as  to Quebec  public  administration employees.  With
assets of $4.7 billion, La Capitale occupies a choice position among leading insurers in Canada.

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